I’ve finally finished up a batch of big footed bunnies. Charlotte was swiped away for baby Maggie but here’s the rest of the group. They are a very patient bunch. They were sitting on the sofa for a long time waiting for faces and tails and then they were very understanding while I fiddled with bows and embroidery. Now they’re all dressed up and ready to go. When are they going to go? I’m thinking some time next week for a bunny sale. I’ll send out an email to the mailing list when I know when it will be for sure. Now that they’re all finished we’re going to hang out a while. Maybe even take some more pics. Anyway, here they are…

Constance. She’s the least fussy of the bunch. I found some beautiful Laura Ashley curtains at the thrift store and the print was just so lovely that everything I tried – bows, buttons, ribbons – was too distracting so she’s my clean and simple bunny.

Melody. M stands for Melody. Her dress is made from a vintage tablecloth that I’ve had forever and am so happy to have finally found the perfect project for!

Penny. I had the hardest time finding a dress fabric that didn’t clash with her body and was super psyched when I realized this plaid I’d just picked up matched perfectly. So, plaid, of course I had to make her a back to school outfit.

Gretchen. This is the dress I had in the hoop. Thanks so much to Stephanie for the great vintage faux embroidery print that is the dress. And look how well it goes with the cool print her sister Lisa sent me. All fabric from the bird sisters goes straight to the "I love it so" shelf!

21 thoughts on “Introductions

  1. Vicki says:

    Super sweet bunnies! I love their little heart faces…so delightful!
    Now, this leads me to my *usual* question…what type of stuffing do you use? I always have cellulite in my stuffies…not the prettiest at all…I do need a stuffing tutorial!
    Hop on…

  2. jennifer says:

    Beautiful…I need to be near my computer the second you begin to sell these- my about-to-be-three year old daughter is named Penny…And she is a redhead…I think this is fate or karma or something, to come across just a perfect fit for a gift for her, with her own name as well. Beautful, I say again.

  3. Jill says:

    I’m always in awe of all that you do! The bunnies are simply adorable! I wanted to let you know that I just got my Stitchettes in the mail today and they are so wonderful! I can’t wait to get started!

  4. Marci says:

    Both bunnies are adorable! The different prints all work so well together. Don’t know if I would have thought to put them together. I love the stoll, too!

  5. Lily says:

    Hillary OMG they are just so cute. I love your descriptions of how you agonise over every detail – no wonder your bunnies are just so wonderful 🙂

  6. Sarah says:

    So wonderful! Your softies are all so special, and the photo shoots really put it over the top! One of these days I’ll be able to justify investing in one of my own…

  7. Lotta says:

    You are so inspiring! Love to see the projects come together. Quite the busineswoman these days…wouldn’t be saving up for a down payment would ya?

  8. Laurie says:

    Lovely! So adorable! I will have to try to get in on this sale as my little guy LOVES bunnies right now. 🙂 I’d love to get him a Hillary one. You are so creative. Love it!

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