frustrating WIPs

Crafting in extreme heat is not good for me. It hasn’t really been a relaxing handsewing kind of week so I’ve been running in and out of the craft room (the hottest room in the house) this week quickly machine sewing little squares together for my doll quilt. It’s all pieced together now… wrong. I had it laid real cute and now I’m looking at it wondering what I did. A wrong row somewhere or something.

Also frustrating, after at least a dozen failed attempts to get some fabric through the printer I finally succeed only to discover the color is all wonky. Printed brown on paper and fushia on my fabric! doh.

I’m going to put these things out of my mind by watching some of my favorite youtube videos again. Maybe the fellows on treadmills for the gazillionth time or an ask a ninja.

I picked up some postcard stamps last night. Anyone need a t.g.i.f. pick up? Email me (at hillarylang at and I’ll pop a "you rock" postcard in the mail to you. And that’s it on the stamps. Thanks 🙂

you are ninja too!

26 thoughts on “frustrating WIPs

  1. Lili says:

    ohh.. i love your fabric design too!
    what sort of fabric are you printing on? it looks like some sort of tape, but not quite? i’ve been thinking about using this technique for printing up some tags.

  2. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the treadmill video. I needed that.
    I can’t wait to see some boy embroidery designs. I loved the girl-themed ones you made but there aren’t any little girls in my life.

  3. lisa says:

    i watched the treadmills yesterday. i have done that with square quilts before. makes me want to scream. i kind of like the wonkiness of it.

  4. Amanda says:

    I like your quilt, even if it’s not what you had in mind. And the tape is darling! Thanks for the OKGO link, that really helped pick up my Friday!

  5. AmyDe says:

    I think it printed pink on the paper too – it’s just that the paper is blue and so it came out looking like brown. The dool quilt is still adorable even if id didn’t come out the way you planned.

  6. bethellen says:

    If each one of those squares are cut out separately and then sewn together triple kudos to you. Have you ever done piecing by strips? it’s when you sew 3 (or however many rows you may have across) strips of fabric (usually 2.5 inches wide cut) and the width of the fabric for the length. then after you sew the strips together, you just cut a bunch of 2.5 inch pieces which would be 6.5 across ( 3 squares) and 2.5 inch down( 1 square) Arrange them in the way you want and then sew the rows together. ( you end up with 2 inch squares once all sewn) I can scan direction to you if you would like more info. It is much quicker.
    The small quilts will be darling. Oh, a good reference for stitches is “The Embroidery Stitch Bible”.

  7. eireann says:

    oh, and durrrr, I meant to say the tapes are sweet even in fuchsia. And the down weeks are the sub-conscious repair and reform weeks–it always seems like when I have one (because of heat, frustration, no time, whatever), the next week is really strong. Keep on, lady!

  8. JanetinPortland says:

    Both projects look fine. I’m not an expert on quilting, but if you have leftover squares, play with them on top of your quilt. If you like what you get, could you somehow applique them to the quilt? Or, could you create a design with a grouping of squares, creating a shape or a background on your quilt top and then add felt appliques like animal/doll/ embroidered shapes to your quilt? The colors are great and there’s a lot of work with all those squares, so don’t put it away just yet… Also wanted to let you know that the Stitchettes arrived! They are really, really cute! Thank you!

  9. Heidi says:

    I can’t stand it when I realize too late that I’ve stitched something together wrong. You could try to ignore it, but it will probably drive you crazy. So you unstitch and start over. About the third time I did this with my reversible tote bags I came across a solution: get everything in the order you want it in and then take a digital photo before you pick up all your fabric off your work area and start stitching. That way you always have something to go back and look at if you forget what you had put together originally. I can’t wait to see your finished quilt!

  10. Jane and the ducks says:

    My little girls asked to watch the video over and over. The 2 year old was dancing like crazy, too funny. So, thank you! For your little quilt, maybe you can sew little applique hearts on one of the squares when 2 identical fabric ended side by side.

  11. caron says:

    The video is the best happy pill I’ve taken in along time! Your doll quilt is wonderful, even though not as you’d planned. When I am quilting, I will rip twice, but if it comes out still wonky on the third try, I figure my subconcious is speaking to me, and the wonkiness gets to stay. Things I didn’t know I was thinking show up out of the clear blue.

  12. rebecca says:

    i know this doesn’t help (much) but i think the blankie and fabric printing are adorable!
    i’m one of those annoying “everything happens for a reason” kinda people…. it’s purpose will be shown – probably at 3 in the morning 😀

  13. sara says:

    oooo…how do you print on ribbon? I’ve been looking for some ribbon that I saw a while back at reprodepot but they don’t sell it anymore and I can’t find it anywhere. (I think it was a basic jacquard ribbon with cute French cursive). Would be neat if I could just print my own!

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