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We went to the all night flea market last night with some friends. It was pretty disappointing, not many vendors, lots of crap. It was more disappointment to my friend who remembered it’s heyday. Oscar was happy though with his right-inside-the-gate purchase of a Tonka Winnebago camper and was very pleased that "there are cars everywhere!" By the end of our shopping he was a slaphappy goofball stomping around with his camper to his ear yelling into it "Can You Hear Me! I’m calling you on my phone!"

Tim took some cool photos (whole set here)…

15 thoughts on “flea market

  1. amanda says:

    Ha! I love it…glad that Oscar had fun at the flea market. And all it took was a Tonka truck. What a sweetie. I always get so bummed out at Flea Markets… I WANT them to be cooler than the really are (at least around these parts.), but so often they just have an icky sort of Ebay vibe, if you know what I mean.

  2. Di says:

    Denise and a friend and I were at the flea market from 8 pm to 10 pm with our flashlights. When we went a couple of years ago, we really scored on neat stuff. We did manage to get some good white elephant gifts.
    I headed straight for some John Deere tractors I spotted, thinking I could get one for your Mom’s birthday present, and she could give it to the O man. But, they turned out to be banks…no rolling wheels or anything..how disappointing.
    Next year, we’ll take Martha along and let her buy anything she wants off the dollar tables for her birthday.

  3. Deorah says:

    What a boom of an idea! Just take pictures of the stuff! This way I won’t have to find more space for it in the garage!
    I have successfully narrowed my thrifting to knitting notions and needlepoint and perhaps some china with an occasional ‘very special only’ sewing notions thingy thrown in because I can’t sew but want to. I’m hoping that through this practice I might “channel” a serious sewer from days gone by. The idea is this: she resents that here hard work is being thrifted away by some ungrateful decendent and she’ll find favor with me and… I know, sew weird right?

  4. amy k. says:

    god-nice photo tim!!
    and I can just imagine oscar yelling that, too funny.
    Delia likes to take my cell phone and says she is “calling dada” and when I ask what he is saying, she always says “meow-meow”
    sorry about the thriftstore-suck.

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