“I’m a Robot!”

Things are moving along at quite a clip around here lately. While Oscar is being happily kept busy by his summer activities I have had a lot of time on my hands to plug away on all sorts
of projects and new ideas. I keep thinking after this one next thing I’ll chill out, take a break, read a magazine on the porch but it’s not shaping up to be that sort of summer. I guess to be honest, I never
really shaped up to be that sort of person. Never been the lounging sort. I always have to be working away on something.

the somethings at present…

I’ve been thinking about dissolving thriftcraft and bringing it back into the fold of w.w. I just cannot handle the spam over there anymore. I wake up to a full inbox and click excitedly on inbox to see who all emailed me. oh, ring tones. great. I can’t take that kind of dissapointment every day. But I do love thriftcraft so and even though it’s been pretty sparse over there lately I know I’ll come back to it full
force some day. So then I was thinking maybe a partner? I don’t know. Have to do something though, it is causing me some low grade anxiety just sitting there like that.

Yesterday in the shower I thought up maybe the most excellent book idea ever. Well most excellent for me. I love this idea. It has that new idea glow. You know when they’re all shiny and new and reality
hasn’t scratched them up one bit. Instead of just shelving it like I have the other silly book ideas I’ve had I’m going to see if I can see it through to a proposal at least. How’s this for a title, Silly Book Proposal #128. Who could pass on that?

Speaking of childrens books we’ve discovered some really amazing new books this summer I’ll have to post about them soon.

And in the less hypothetical realm, the apartment in being taken over
by WIP piles. Add those to the stacks of library books and the towers
of mailing supplies and I think I’ve filled up every square inch of
empty space. That’s my plan for today…must restore empty space.

If I really was a robot, like Oscar, I’d have had all this stuff done already this morning, before I finished this first cup of coffee. Maybe if I could squeeze myself into that little box…

18 thoughts on ““I’m a Robot!”

  1. eireann says:

    yes, add some partners to thriftcraft!
    and I know what you mean about the non-lounging. I can’t rest. I am really happiest when I’m working! On the recent 95+ degree days up here it has been a bit trying, and my boyfriend has borne the brunt of my can’t-work-too-hot-crabbiness, but still: I push on.
    As do you, apparently. Thank goodness. There are more of us.

  2. Adriana says:

    I’m curious about your new book proposal.
    So sorry to hear you’re getting spam. It’s one of the most annoying things. Hope you can sort it out somehow.
    Have fun with all your projects.

  3. Lauren says:

    Love the “New Idea Glow” boy isn’t that the truth. I love that phase where things are so shiny and anything is possible.
    What is empty space? I don’t have any here…

  4. jackie says:

    I never really shaped up to be that sort of person either! If I’m not doing something all the time, I can get pretty cranky. That’s why we have no empty space at our house either!

  5. Rebecca says:

    I myself have a very neglected thrifting blog. Mostly because I’ve not been very lucky in the thrifting arena. I understand the angst of thinking “wow, I really need to work on that.” If I can help, let me know. Maybe I can help us both. 🙂 Cheers!

  6. amanda says:

    Nice robot you’ve got there! And I love the ‘new idea’ excitement feeling…I hope you have the time and energy to jump on it, and seeing where things go. What about a collaborative sort of ThriftCraft?

  7. Lori says:

    Cleaning your work space is like clearing your head to make room for new ideas. I need to be better about doing it regularly. I hate being seized by a new idea or project and then having to spend an hour clearing a space and locating supplies. Some day I will have a studio as glorious as yours!

  8. Selena says:

    I certainly find that I am more productive in a clean work space. Otherwise the overwhelming piles just overwhelm the creative side of my brain and I just zone out in a frozen deer in the headlights sort of way. I hope you are able to take on a partner for Thriftcraft so it can continue. I have a personal special connection to Thriftcraft as it is my first thrifty/crafty blog I came across. You inpsired me to start Apron Thrift Girl which saved my dying creative spirit. If you need any help, please just ask away.

  9. Amy says:

    Love all your ideas. You should have people beating your door down offering you book deals! How many so so crafting books have you seen at Borders or Barnes & Noble… not even counting the discounted section? Your ideas are truly original and definitely “in the now.” On the cutting edge of what crafters are really into.
    Am I a fawning sycophant or what? But really, you should (must) be published.
    As far as Thriftcraft goes, I do enjoy checking it out. Maybe it could be one of those things with multiple authors and some sort of forum for trading or something? So many times I’ve been thrifting and found something not quite right for me, but priced great and hard to pass up. In fact, I have a pile in the corner right now of cool finds I could pass along to more interested parties.
    Just a thought.
    Whatever you do will be great, as usual. Keep on truckin’!

  10. Sarah says:

    Ooopfh! I would completely love to contribute to Thriftcraft. I love posting about my thrifty finds – and reading about yours! I can’t wait to receive your book 🙂 Cheers, Sarah

  11. maggie says:

    that photo of oscar is priceless! i think you should make a poster with some sort of funny appropriate saying, and you’d make millions!
    xx, maggie

  12. Lily says:

    I for one am glad you’re not a robot. No machine could ever have come up with Kitty, Bunny & Bear! My book arrived today! How exciting. I am already plotting fabrics for Bear #1!!

  13. kathy says:

    It looks like Thriftcraft is using WordPress. I have a WordPress spam filter plugin called Akismet that I installed. It catches everything that it thinks is spam and puts into an area where I can review it on the WordPress dashboard. It’s only filtered out two legitimate comments and caught everything else. Why someone thought to spam blogs is beyond me but the filter seems to be working so far. Good luck.

  14. heather says:

    can i just second the askimet option for wordpress?
    it’s the best spam filter that exists. typepad should have a plugin for it?
    at any rate, askimet comes with your standard installation of wordpress, but you need to activate it in the plugins area, and then go to wordpress.com and get a login so you can have a special account number for askimet. it’s fairly easy.
    if you need help, email me 🙂

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