extreme heat advisory

Not much to report. Doing some summer hibernating in front of the window units, waiting for transformers to blow.

16 thoughts on “extreme heat advisory

  1. Mary-Heather says:

    Nice summery colors on your embroidery! Hot here in L.A., too… way, way too hot. I think I’m getting most of my calories from popsicles, they’re all I can bear to eat!

  2. Rhelynn says:

    we’re under a heat index here too, and also doing a little sewing of a contest prize from last week. Your embroidery looks great – very bright and cheerful!

  3. Mike says:

    Ah yes, summer in the great mid-west. It’s hot here too. A great time to find a project to start (or finish) while sitting inside with the a/c on.
    Stay cool.
    P.S. Rec’d my put-together book on Friday. Love it! Thanks!

  4. Libbey says:

    We are staying in too. 105 with the heat index. YIKES!! Got to love the midwest and the humidity. I’m babysitting and trying to keep the kids cool in between I’m working on some embroidery too.

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