WIP Friday

Here’s my line up of new bunnies waiting for tails, faces and dresses. I’m really excited about this batch! I have so many great fabrics picked out for their outfits. It’s good to have a fun activity lined up for the long nights in store for us this weekend, listening to things explode.

18 thoughts on “WIP Friday

  1. MARYBETH says:

    Dearest HILARY =)
    Well. EMBARRESSING estrogen deficiency! Of COURSE i know you are YOU- Hilary.-my blog thrift- stuffed-sewn embroidered inspiration. I had just sent an e-mail to Alicia and well..I plea the first sentence and apologize from the bottem of my heart =(
    …shaking my head

  2. carol says:

    I love the line-up.
    Yeah, our ‘hood is already starting to explode…sheesh, don’t they know I have sleeping kids and one weak tolerance for such noises?!

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