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I’ve been on pins and needles waiting for the pattern book to arrive. Isn’t that a charming way to describe how nervous and batty I’ve really been. I was obsessively clicking the UPS tracking all day yesterday and then finally they magically appeared on the porch late in the afternoon. Yippee! I can’t believe they’re finally here and that the pages are together in the correct order and everything. I’ve been so excited to get a chance to use my new thank you cards and "happy sewing" stamp. Soon hopefully! Save your Hamiltons 🙂

The Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book No. 1 for Kitty, Bunny and Bear will go on sale in the shop tomorrow, Thursday at 10am CST, run of 250, $10.

72 thoughts on “put-together book

  1. Michelle says:

    If *you’re* happy with them (you’re your biggest critic, of course), I’m sure we’re all going to be *beyond thrilled!* Get ready to start another Flickr group… or two!

  2. Daphne says:

    Ah phooey. Funny thing is I’m actually going to be in Chicago tomorrow but will I be able to get online for my copy? Ah, pins and needles for me, too, then… 😉

  3. Brooke says:

    While you have been clicking on the tracking button obsessively, I have been checking your blog obsessively for the last week in anticipation of this very post. I can’t wait!!

  4. cat says:

    are you making any sort of profit? i mean my word, ten buckaroos is a steal of a deal! it looks beyond lovely, just thinking of all your hard work. so glad to see it’s all come together! best of luck 🙂

  5. lisa says:

    okay, the whole thing is cute, but the thank you card with the doll sewing is making me giddy. i want to get my hands on one of those so maybe i need to buy the book!!

  6. Alisa says:

    You know we’ve all been checking YOUR sight constantly for the arrival of the booklets. Glad to hear they’ve arrived. And so cute, I must say.

  7. shelly says:

    I would like one of those new publications, too. They look quite interesting and fun. Let me know the cost with shipping to Iowa.

  8. PinkPoppies says:

    What is CST? Please so I know what time zone I am in? Also what’s a Hamilton? US or Australian dollar? Thanks!!

  9. shael says:

    Been looking forward to your pattern booklet…see my weblog for pics of my version of wee bunny! I used the same fabric for the pointy kitty because I happen to have it on hand and loved the look (it was my very first attempt at making a stuffie!)Anyways, question if you get a chance: how do you post ai files on your weblog? I am a designer of sorts and know nothing about converting for the web. Thanks a bunch…I’ll be sure to browse your shop tomorrow!

  10. Hildy says:

    I’m coming out of hiding for this ! Yay- this will be the summer of sewing stuffies with my daughter. Thanks!

  11. sallymb says:

    I’m hoping once I work out CST to Sydney I’ll be online for this…geez I hope you’ll send international…..

  12. andi says:

    That’s so cool. It’s all gorgeous; from the stamped envelope to the fabulous book. yay for people that do it themselves. YAY I SAY, YAY!!!!!

  13. June Tan says:

    Congratulations! I’ve been waiting for this with bated breath! How much for international orders? Roughly what time are you going to post it up for I will be going outstation tomorrow but would love to order the book!

  14. Rebecca says:

    Ermmm…. You guys are on Daylight Savings Time now, so it is technically CDT, not CST. But I am still buying a booklet anyway. 🙂

  15. Nicole Scoville says:

    Wow, I’m really mad at myself for not getting on the computer in time. They are sold out that’s tragic. What should I do? Will I get a second chance?

  16. Amy says:

    Aww, I am so bummed I missed out on these, but congrats on the great response! Will you be doing a second run? (keeping my fingers crossed that you will)

  17. Val França says:

    Olá! Gostaria de comprar este livro? será que ainda há algum? Se sim, como faço para comprar? Ou outro com bonecos.
    Agradeço desde já.

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