11 thoughts on “he’s still not falling for it

  1. Stephanie Cullison says:

    Awww…what?? Oscar recognized that it was still a doll? If I let my son get ahold of a doll he would rip it’s head off and do the usual boy things to it like tear it from limb to limb. So…perhaps it’s best he not like it. It’s too cute to be drawn and quartered.

  2. hari says:

    I love that fabric! Every little kid comes to my class with a hand-made bag (or one that got bought), and the Shinkansen one is one of the popular patterns. I’d never have thought to put it on a doll…
    Too bad your son didn’t go for it. Maybe if the doll were wearing Shinkansen Overalls?

  3. sarahjane says:

    I have a little pouch made out of the same fabric that I couldn’t resist buying when I was in Japan. I haven’t used it yet, I just take it out of the package and look at it b/c it’s so cute!

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