complete set

I don’t know what it says about me that I can never make just one of something and always feel compelled to make a complete set but for whatever reason I made three more toys on wheels…

sheep on wheels. after struggling with all sorts of unsatisfactory legs I decided to make a big flatish sleeping sheep.

pig on wheels.

bear on wheels. he might be my favorite. I love how his feet are all tucked in close so he doesn’t fall off his platform

phew! I feel much better now.

p.s. I forgot people always flip when I use this wrapping paper as a backdrop. I got it a few years ago and it’s made by remarks

79 thoughts on “complete set

  1. joy says:

    wow, i love them , i love them, i love them….don’t you want to teach me how to sew?
    i bet oscar loves them-that is if you let him touch them!!! my pearl would wan t to play with them non-stop!!

  2. laffers says:

    they’re all amazing! i especially love the fat sheep. i have that paper too! though i never can bring myself to use it as wrapping paper, it’s too cute 🙂

  3. Gretchen says:

    Oh my gosh, they are so so adorable. I just love them all. The piggie is my favorite I think, but the sheep, oh the sheep. So cute.

  4. amy k. says:

    man!! man!! so, are you going to sell these, becasue I hope you are–and wow! sorry, can’t really stop saying wow!!will stop typing now.

  5. martha in mobile says:

    I have never said this on the internet before (not even at cuteoverload): “SQUEEEEE!” (faints from terminal cuteness).

  6. Kari says:

    I ADORE that little piggie! Is that velvet? You did a great job with all of them. I really can’t wait until your book comes out!

  7. katie says:

    they are so cute i can’t look directly at them. i have to avert my eyes. i keep scrolling up and sneaking looks.
    seriously, i am blown away. beautiful design.
    are you making them for your shop?

  8. Liz Cadorette says:

    TELL. ME. that you will offer her for sale, or a pattern for her? ohpleaseohpleaseohplease?
    So cute, it slays me. You’re amazing, and you inspire me so much!

  9. eireann says:

    I’m there with you: never just one. There always has to be a friend (or two…or three) and a backstory, and a set of accessories.
    I love the pig.

  10. meg says:

    These are just terrific! The face on that sheep is hilarious for some reason, and the pig – oh, the pig! Excellent work.

  11. hannah says:

    good god lady… it really should be illegal to make something that sweet. i am in love with that pig… and the sheep, oh who am i kidding? the whole lot! there i said it, i am in love with a stuffed object.

  12. 3 to get ready says:

    All of these little critters are SO, SO cute!! I love them all, but especially the little round pig. And the elephant! And the bear! And the sheep! Oh shoot…
    Are you going to put any of them in your pattern booklet, or is it too late for that?????

  13. liz says:

    Those are just wondeful. You are so talented; I always have such a good time looking at all of your creations. You will have to auctions these guys off to the highest bidder, I think. 🙂

  14. Kate says:

    It pains me how adorable these are! So cute it hurts… Your ideas are both creative and unique…. I am inspired by you every day!

  15. Mama Urchin says:

    If you didn’t notice, we love it when you make sets! How fantastic that you can take something you’ve created and tweak it to create four different-but-a-little-the-same somethings. And are they adorable somethings or what? I love the pig but I think I still love the elephant the most, he is tweedy after all.

  16. lla says:

    And even though they are all to die for, I love, love, love the sheep! (Although, Schecky is peering over my shoulder yelling “Pig Pig Pig!”)

  17. posy press says:

    hi hillary…i totally make things in groups as well…thanks for the comments on my blog…and you should get that rug you commented about…i am loving it!

  18. LisaC says:

    Oh wow! These are astoundingly good!
    I LOVE the big sheep…he reminds me of a pet sheep called Benny my aunty had when I was a kid. He was wide and very docile. He could stand as much patting as he could get, and always had a sleepy blissful look in his eyes!

  19. Heather Bailey says:

    Me again — still loving these toys! On an unrelated note, I made some shrinky-dink pins that you’ll get a kick out of — f a m i l y p o r t r a i t s ! I just put the post up. My son even got in on the action.

  20. Sara says:

    I’m in love (with the toys, ahem). 🙂 You inspire me…and also remind me how far I have to go. Great work!

  21. mary says:

    looks like you just “sewed up” volume #4 of your booklets. Soooo adorable. We have a great horse on wheels from land of nod, but yours are much cuter

  22. sarah says:

    Ok, I know I’m like the millionth person to comment on these toys, and I am not going to read all the other comments before posting, so I probaby have nothing new to say, but I have to. . .I just have to:
    I LOVE THESE! The elephant was great on its own, but now with the group it is just amazing. And I want some! Or at least the patterns for some. These win for “Most Cutest and Original Toys on a Blog” in my book. ; )

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