Guess what was just submitted to the printer last night… the booklet! I’m
so flippin excited and relieved. It is amazing how long these things can take, especially with
a perfectionist husband and a toddler that’s well, a toddler and a sister having a baby shower and life being life. Over 3 weeks ago I thought
this thing was done. That was before testing. Then after I made all of the edits and changes that my brilliant & wonderful friends/test subjects suggested I thought, hooray
it’s done! Then Tim decided  it needed to be redesigned. This is where
I about went crazy but he was right. It looks so much better now. Tim never ceases to amaze me. I work on a page, think it looks great and then he has at it for 5 minutes and it looks a million times better, all professional and polished. I’m so happy everything I wanted to fit in there worked, full size pattern pieces, embroidery stitch diagrams, a page on just shoes. yay! So now,
it’s correct, it’s beautiful and it’s off to the printer and I am sooo happy and relaxed. well ok, part of me is. The other part
is stressed to no end because the few ‘I can’t wait for your
book’ comments have me all paranoid that y’all think this is an
inclusive BOOK with all of my patterns in it. It may seem like it’s taken so long that I could have written an epic saga since I first mentioned self publishing some patterns but I’m just that pokey. What’s off to the printer is  the first volume. The first installment with kitty, bunny and bear. They say the first is the most difficult. I’ve been assured that all the rest of the volumes will just flow like
butter from my mind onto the printed page. Now just to decide what’s next. It’s either space toys & robots or the butterfly/turtle/bird/snail set.

but first a little napper

77 thoughts on “bookLET

  1. Heather says:

    I really enjoy your blog and they way you write and the ideas you come up with. I’m excited for you as I know that I could not begin to even conceive of self-publishing anything! Congratulations.

  2. madmommy says:

    ooooooh. It’s hard to wait now, isn’t it? I love all the ideas, so I don’t know what to tell you, but having a little boy I guess I’d love to see the robots next. There’s my two cents!

  3. Hanna says:

    O Hillary, congratulations on getting it done. I think it is fast, I’ve done a couple of layouts myself, it takes lots of TIME! Can’t wait to hear the price and see the cover! πŸ™‚

  4. kelly says:

    This is my first comment… but I just wanted to say you are so smart to do this in volumes! I happen to have one of those perfectionist guys around too, so I know how things can turn out better (and more time-consuming) than you’d ever imagined. And please, please, please do the butterfly next! (Althouh I’ll be patient if the robot people win.) πŸ™‚

  5. Nicole says:

    The butterfly/turtle/snail booklet should be next! Pretty please! Especially the turtle part, I loved the turtle when you posted that.
    I’m excited to see booklet #1 πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

  6. Adriana says:

    Oh dear, sorry for being one of those leaving “I can’t wait for your book” comments. I really can’t.
    Congratulations on sending it to the printer and my vote is for snails, turtles and butterflies, please.
    Looking forward to the booklet. (Is that better than “I can’t wait for your book”?)

  7. Melissa says:

    Put my name on the list and reserve my copy today:) I am sooo excited and can’t wait to get started making one. Thank you thank you thank and keeep emm comin cause you know we’ll buy em;)

  8. Mama Urchin says:

    Congratulations! What a great accomplishment. My vote would be for the butterfly/turtle/bird/snail but don’t think that means I won’t want the robot too. I mean, all your stuff is just so darn cute… I must know someone into robots.

  9. Kari says:

    Wow! I’m another HUGE fan, waiting on baited breath for your booklet! LOL
    Snails may be winning out, but my vote is for robots and space toys! I ADORE vintage sci-fi ephemera!

  10. christina says:

    how exciting is this. it must feel like such a burden has been lifted to have passed it on the the printer, you can do no more but wait till they are done. as always you blow me away by your talent. it must be wonderful to have your husband around to give his graphic advice. my husband sounds a lot like your in the graphic and perfectionist sense, a blessing and a curse at times but it always pays off.

  11. Mary-Heather says:

    Congratulations! I’m so excited for this booklet- I love those cute patterns! I’ve made several of your patterns for gifts, and they are much loved by all the little people I’ve gifted them too! Can’t wait to make the kitty, bunny, and bear, too.

  12. JoAnn says:

    Can’t wait to buy your first booklet. Please, please, please do the robots next. I would start sewing again if I could make your “first” grey robot.

  13. Madeline says:

    Congratulations!!! I know how anxious it is to get anything you hold dear off the ground. I can’t sew but am terribly inclined to get one of your books as well. Yay for you!

  14. dlgolden says:

    Can’t wait. I have almost worn the pointy kitty pattern out. Please give us some butterflies, birds, turtles and snails.

  15. dlgolden says:

    Can’t wait. I have almost worn the pointy kitty pattern out. Please give us some butterflies, birds, turtles and snails.

  16. miriam says:

    Do you also send to Holland? Will you sell it in your online shop? Sorry to say but I can’t wait to order your book, shopping for fabrics already.
    Love your work and I would go for the robots!

  17. Brooke says:

    Huzzah for Hillary! Looks like you better have had a whole whopping load printed with all of us who want to buy it….and I give fifty votes for the butterfly/turtle/bird/snail combo, since I am hopelessly in love with them, especially the turtle and snail.

  18. Shelly says:

    I would for my name to be put on the list for the booklet. If I was asked which set for next….the snail one. Absolutely what my boys need and I want.

  19. Carolyn says:

    Hoorah! I can’t wait! (but don’t feel pressure!!).
    I vote for butterfly/turtle/bird/snail, even if you didn’t actually ask our opinion! I’m foisting my opinion on you anyway. Hehe. Can’t wait to see the first edition.

  20. laurie says:

    i’m already freaking out trying to figure how i’ll get one — you do know that it’s going to be CRAZY when you put them up for sale, right? πŸ˜‰
    seriously, congratulations on this. you’re work is amazing and I’m thrilled that you’re sharing your patterns with us. ♥

  21. Jessica says:

    Congrats! It looks like it’ll be spectacular =) and I think the set with the turtle should be next hehe

  22. mari says:

    Congratulations! I’ve loved your projects for so long and admired your blog – it’s great that you’re on your way to publishing your patterns!
    I don’t know if this is the proper way to put myself on the list for the booklet, but I would love to be on it! (And I vote for the butterfly/turtle/bird/snail set as well!)

  23. Josette says:

    Love it! Feel good Hillary about your accomplishment. Nobody is or will be disappointed. Tons of good Karma being sent your way. Thank you for sharing your talent.

  24. Krista says:

    This is such exciting news! And you are so blessd to have such a great hubby who is so talented like you. WHat a great duo you make.
    I hope you’re printing at least a gazillion copies of the booklet, it looks like you’re going to need to πŸ™‚
    Can’t wait.

  25. Blair says:

    Can I just tell you that it will probably take me until your Vol. 2 is released to be able to sew up a kitty, bear, and bunny. So please, take a rest in between, I’m slow.

  26. Kuky says:

    Congratulations on getting your booklet submitted to the printer! Is it available for preorder? I don’t even know how much it is yet but I know I want one! πŸ™‚

  27. Carmen says:

    I am so excited to get to see the first volume of the wee wonderfuls saga! And start producing wee animals like crazy!! Congratulations!

  28. scribblesnbits says:

    Snail! Please please please do the snail next!!!!!!! I am just so excited and proud of you for doing this!!!! Now if Jess will just sell her knitted toys book again, my world will be complete! Ok, except for all the other things I want, but we won’t talk about that….

  29. Sara says:

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment! I loooooove all your stuff, and can’t wait to buy the pattern book. If you’re looking for suggestions for the next, (I love them both, but) I vote for the spacetoys & robots. Keep up the great work! Your talent is inspiring!

  30. LauraJ says:

    Good afternoon. After spending the last day and a half going through your site from the beginning I must say I am in awe, amazment, flabbergasted of your skills. You are just absolutely the queen of seamstresses!! I am addicted to your site now and I just can’t get enough. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful part of your life, and your talents with so many. I’m tickled pink how much you inspire me. I will never be able to whip out things as often as you do, but I sure do try to stay motivated. Thank you for your inspiration!! (I’m loving my Wee!)

  31. Rachel says:

    Ooh! I have a suggestion! I’ve always loved all of your creations, but I have a particular affection for Sunshine, Buttercup, and Fauna. I hope they make it in to one of your upcoming pattern books!

  32. julia says:

    congratulations! I’d like to pre-order, too!
    As for which you do next, as long as you do them both eventually, I say go with whatever moves you at the moment!
    Wow, that was a lot of exclamation points.

  33. Julia says:

    Congratulations!! Thank you so much for sharing. Now, if I could only have your color sense and fabric collection I’m sure mine’d look as great as yours!!

  34. Ella says:

    oh lala. i’ve been admiring the birds for awhile and would love to see the pattern! and shoes…well i may need to have those too. Well done.

  35. carol says:

    yippee! just in time for Christmas gift making, wait…did I just write/think that?
    i’m assuming you are selling them through your blog, right?

  36. Caroline says:

    What fantastic, exciting news and a big warm hearted congratulations. I can’t wait to hopefully buy a copy.

  37. Shar says:

    Congratulations on the completion of your pattern
    booklet — I am very excited to order a copy!
    My vote goes to the butterfly and pals πŸ™‚

  38. sal says:

    As if this is a democracy and you actually care about our votes. But I just have to say:
    (well I guess I should have said yell)

  39. jess says:

    This is terrific! I can’t wait for the pattern book! As for the next one, I think that either would be fantastic (but I do love me some robots).
    Incidentally, I made a wee bunny for my friends’ new baby, and it has quickly turned into his most-loved toy. Everyone raves about how cute he is (the bunny — but the baby, too!); thank you for working so hard on such wonderful projects. They bring a lot of joy both to the people who receive them, and to the crafters who make them.

  40. Maureen Wilson says:

    Ohhhhh robots, robots, robots!! I love them, but all your stuff is just wonderful ( and Wee!!)

  41. Lisa says:

    How exciting, I just recently discovered your blog and now I can’t wait for this and future booklets to be released. You are such an inspiration!

  42. Elisabeth says:

    I will buy all of your pattern books, but I really really hope you do one of the animals on wheels someday. I think they are perhaps the cutest things I have ever seen!
    I would also love a pattern of the really big bunny from Easter 2205, I think. The one with pjs. And embroidery patterns would sell like hotcakes too I’m sure!
    Thanks for keeping us all in crafting heaven!

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