29 thoughts on “Alicia Bunny it is

  1. marybeth says:

    DO you do commissions? I would just love to have one made of a nurse!
    My darling Niece just graduated from college and passed her RN Boards, despite losing her father 7 months ago.
    I want to HONOR her with A Very Special keepsake.
    Let me know!

  2. Gabby Kang says:

    How adorable! I love the pink horse fabric! Is it Alexander Hamilton? The store I work at carried part of that line, so I picked up similar fabric (pink with cowgirls), but we never got the horsey fabric! I’ve recently started reading your blog regularly and I love your work, especially your toys and quilts. Your quilts have inspired me to try some designs of my own making! You can see some of my sewing, knitting, and cats at my LJ!

  3. amy k. says:

    ouch. she is way too sweet and I love her first place ribbon-you are the master of amazing details!! and cool patterened fabric for her body!

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