Thank you so much for all the wonderful reassurances and generous comments left on my last post. I’m sure I’ll always struggle with what to write on this blog but if y’all are sure I sound like an actual living breathing person and not a craftbot then I’m satisfied. Back to mindless blogging about the first thing that pops into my head!

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. Chicago decided the best way to punish those of us who aren’t glamorous enough for a lakeside retreat was with record breaking heat. I really really want to bitch about how unbelievable hot our 2nd floor apartment gets but it’s not even June yet and I’m sure there will be a long summer full of that rant ahead of us so I’ll pace myself. I did my best to ignore the heat and stay motivated to my tasks and had some highs and lows.

low… this was supposed to be a sheep. hm.

and high, super high! I finally got this pattern working again…

27 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Bianca says:

    I have a yeti that went a similar way of your sheep, but gee your bunny looks so cute! I hadn’t popped by for ages, I’m so glad I did though!

  2. Ashlea says:

    I feel your pain–it’s damn hot down here in St. Louis AND we live on the second floor of our apartment as well. We can melt in the heat together this summer!

  3. Melissa says:

    Hi, I love your blog and visit regularly but never comment (bad me!) Just wanted to thank you for posting an oops. Your stuff is always so amazing it’s a bit comforting to see that it doesn’t all work perfectly. I’m trying to learn to make softies and have numerous oopses and a few successes under my belt. Your bunny pattern was one success–thanks!

  4. Lily says:

    Well maybe it’s a comic sheep? LOL
    Ooh ooh ooh how cute is that bunny? Love it.
    Can’t relate to the heat at all – it’s coming on winter here 🙂

  5. lla says:

    The rabbits are spot-on perfection! But I’ll admit that I kind of wish you’d finish up the sheep – I have a soft spot (a softie-spot?) for misfit toys…
    (And if you *were* really a craft-bot, you’d never have let us see the sheep – Craft-bots are scarily infallible!)

  6. van says:

    yay for the wonky sheep!
    maybe she’d like to come over and play with my lambs *hint*
    one more sunny day in crafty valley… and it’s not June yet…
    Baby Lilo already walks around the house with nothing but a diaper… lucky bastard!
    keep up that good work and…
    where’s the cat? did i miss the cat? i can’t have missed the cat… i did not see the cat…
    hot hot hot weather seems to attack crafters when they least expect it…*luv*

  7. hannah says:

    what is up with the midwest??? always trying to break cold and heat records. stupid, stupid. it made for very little porch sitting this weekend. bah! love that little sheep lump…

  8. Robin Green Eye says:

    Ugh, wasn’t the heat awful? We didn’t even cook out, just hid inside with the central air. Love the sheepie, you should finish him. And the bunny is perfect as usual, I am so jealous of your sewing skills!

  9. teresa says:

    i love that you shared your sheep-ish attempt! i do things like that all the time! in fact, one of the working versions of the mouse pattern is now a new kitty toy for my cat…and the poor mouse only has one eye. figuring out patterns really do take a few tries!

  10. Chris Howard says:

    Atlanta, Georgia here, and 93 degrees today 🙁 I know I live in the South and am supposed to be used to this crap, but Summer always seems so hot and miserable to me…
    Hope things get cooler for you soon.
    The sheep could be a white pumpkin maybe for Halloween?

  11. Amanda says:

    I am a fairly new reader, and I had no idea you are in Chitown! I live out in the ‘burbs and tried to take the dog for a walk on Saturday. I was soaked after 5 minutes!!
    If it is any consolation, I hear it is supposed to get cooler by the middle of this week.
    BTW–I love your cute sewing projects!

  12. ratichoo says:

    whoa, warm weather! it has snowed here today! (and I’m in the northern hemisphere…)
    I love your blog, read it every day and thought I could send you some freshness through a little comment from the Alps!

  13. molly says:

    we’re in an upstairs apartment too…and while the rest of the state is enjoying a nice summer breeze, i’m forced to turn on my ac because i’m baking under the steel roof. i hear your pain, sister!
    i’ve been drawing and drawing sheep lately to try to sew something, ever since the girls started bottle feeding one this summer. there’s something about them that is hard. i can’t quite capture them. can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  14. scribblesnbits says:

    Ha! It looks like a conga line of bunnies! I saw a sheep ebfore I even read that you menat that to be a sheep. It’s like a little Rorshach test (but with less Ror and ink and more wooliness).

  15. Patti says:

    Thank you for sharing your work-in-progress sheep. Perhaps a little more leg and eyes will do it! Also, the hedgehog idea is a winner! It’s reassuring for your readers that you,too, hit low spots. Deep breath

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