toe tapping tilly

sorry for the lack of chit chat this week. I’m up to my eyeballs: oscar’s rebellion, organizing summer schedules, planning my sister’s baby shower, making gifts, working on the patternbook, mothers day, birthdays, etc… I’ll just end this post the way I end all my emails to friends… more soon!

32 thoughts on “toe tapping tilly

  1. Anna says:

    You are truly amazing. These little embroidered dolls are so sweet!!!! You should make a childrens book and instead of regular illustrations, have the pictures be embroidery. The three girls ( Tilly, Red, and Darcy ??) look like they could tell a great story!

  2. Blair says:

    Look how cute, she’s wearing a smock!
    Those summer scheduling dances are crazy aren’t they?? I’m asking for a flow chart on my next birthday to plan it all.

  3. amy k. says:

    word. spring is here and people are busy!! but really, this is enough! who is this amazing girl you have made? these are so wonderful hillary, really great.

  4. Laura Duet says:

    This little embroided doll is just so darling! She really touches my heart! I wish I could make something like that! I am off to scour around your site to see if you sell them…..hope so! My Mom would love one! You are a great talent!

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