poor list

Please send your thoughts and prayers for my to-do list…because I am kicking it’s ass! It’s all scratched up, discarded on the floor, breathing it’s last breath. I spent the entire weekend sequestered in my sewing room while Oscar and Tim yukked it up. It was a weekend well spent though. The proof is in the dryer right now. More later today…

And what’s this.. I finally got more envelopes for the Patchwork Set?! Yep. Scratch it off. Rest in peace list. If you’ve been hankering for some postcards they’re up in the shop now. Sorry about the delay.

patchwork set cards back on sale!

7 thoughts on “poor list

  1. Sam says:

    I am jealous of your to-do list scratching skills.. mine is getting stronger and stronger by the minute.. I don’t think i’ll ever win 😛

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