that’s what we call him. cause we couldn’t think of anything else that (sorta) rhymes with oscar.

a very belated mother’s day gift for neene…

22 thoughts on “boxcar

  1. susaninfrance says:

    i really love your embroidery and would love more information about how you do it (a how to?)…and i really love your blog too and really look forward to reading when i get some’s different and i like your style (almost as much as i love inez and lula by the way!)

  2. Julia says:

    I love your cute kids! Your embroidery is fabulous! Thanks for the encouragement about commenting…it’s nice to know you read them! Sometimes I wonder about that with high traffic blogs like yours. =)

  3. molly says:

    your embroidery projects lately are so fabulous!! i think boxcar looks so cute, just like his rhyming friend. Does he call your mother neenee? that’s what my kids call my mother…usually in our family the first gchild names the grandparents…my grandparents(not named by me, are meemu and big daddy!!)
    what a sweet gift.

  4. Tammy says:

    I would also love some tips on embroidery if you wouldn’t mind posting… Do you do a running stitch, backstitch, other, etc.???? Your work is beautiful, Thanks for having a blog for us to see!

  5. juliree says:

    Sooo sweet!
    What an absolutely fantastic way to frame your lovely embroidery. And I love the “2 1/2.” Great way to mark his growth (his grandma can have a gallery of him at different ages–but that means you have to keep making them!)

  6. LauraJ says:

    I want to thank you for the wonderful inspiration. I have been reading for a while and now I thought it was time to leave a comment.
    Your embroidery is wonderful! All your work is wonderful!!
    BTW, I made a Wee today… she’s on my blog.

  7. melissa f. says:

    i’ve been enjoying your embroidery so much lately. it’s funny how much that stuff draws me in. i grew up with every little bit embroidered with ducks or whatever and am now completely in love with the idea of embroidered pillow cases, matching towels, bits for the wall…
    anyway. very nice!

  8. Susie says:

    Oh how I love your little embroidered children. They are so so so wonderful. Please consider selling the patterns. I may be even more in love with these than Sublime Stitching Patterns.

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