Not a good day for yellow here in rainy Chicago today but I’m feeling
themey so I thought I’d give it a shot. Here’s a possible yellow &
white apron in progress for Amy’s new theme and a shot of yellow
for Kerstin’s color week (more yellow on thriftcraft too). Why am I knitting? Kay and Ann‘s new book came
from amazon on friday and the knitting bug is buzzing in my ear. I
don’t really go crazy for knitting. I’ve had my moments…stash
building obsessive months of dreaming about yarns every night, making snap
decisions at elann, buying up old Rowan and Rebecca pattern books as if I’d ever
actually knit myself a sweater (!).. but these wear off pretty quickly. Mason Dixon Knitting is making me all knitty again. It is so fun to read about
their love of knitting and their great imaginative approach at making
original patterns. And I LOVE the quilting/knitting thing! I really
want to knit a log cabin blanket some day. But in the end I’m still all about the
fabric so what grabbed me the most were the delecatable photographs of
rag balls in the book. I went right at my thrifted sheets and made some to play

Again sorry (and thanks!) to those who fell for my little april fools joke 🙂  Tim and I had a big debate beforehand, me arguing that it had
to be believable and he arguing for a more outlandish spoof. I still thought
you’d all see right through me. not blog? me? psshaw. But for all of those who thought a look back would be fun I searched ‘yellow’ in my archives and here’s some of what came up…

my backtack loot, a patchwork robot, a carrysmall, another color themed apron, a bag from laural, a birthday bag for tania, desk day, my tsusnami quilt project square, and some thrifted easter togs.

25 thoughts on “yellow

  1. Melanie says:

    After looking through the Mason-Dixon Knitting book, the first thing I did was google how to make rag balls. No sight was clear–do you sew the end together?

  2. ani says:

    love the rag ball! i’ll have to check out that book. and love the picture for ‘yellow day’. all i could think of so far is daffodils.

  3. filambulle says:

    Well, I never really liked rag-things. But your beautiful photo makes me think twice…
    I confess I fell from your joke, though I didn’t really thought that possible!
    Didi I told you that I like your (not so) new layout?

  4. Lolly says:

    April is for yellow 😉 Your knitting fits in well! Have you heard of Project Spectrum? We are in the 2nd month now, and the themes are orange and yellow!

  5. Stephanie Cullison says:

    Ack…I fell for it. I was so sad!! I love the new knitting. I might have to check that book out! I am trying to finish up some of these other knitting project first. Use what you have will keep me busy all month finishing unfinished projects :o)

  6. Courtney Russell says:

    I’m loving your flashbacks since I haven’t made my way through your archives yet. That patchwork robot is to die for and I am quickly discovering that I am a sucker for anything patchwork. I totally fell for your April Fool’s joke…you would think since that is my birthday I would be in tune with the fact that people are, um, joking on that day!

  7. Emily says:

    Hi, I just found your blog. My LYS has kits to the Log Cabin project in this book in Encore or Cotton Classic. It’s called Ruhama’s Yarn & Needlepoint in Milwaukee, WI. (414) 332-2660
    They also have a webpage, but you can’t order through it.

  8. infojunkie says:
  9. Sandee says:

    I never wanted to knit after having bad luck as a young girl trying to knit a shell sweater with small needles. When I saw how exciting the rag knitting projects look, I decided to give knitting a try again. With size 17 needles, I found that I really love knitting using lots of fabrics from my stash, attaching them through a slit at the end to eliminate tags and bulkiness. I sold my first purse recently on my website… and am turning out a purse a day since.

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