it’s April! (fools day)

**update – yeah, yeah, it was a little attempt at an april fooler. thanks for the support though! now I’m tempted. hmmm…

You know what that means. Use what you have month has begun. I was
saying over on Thriftcraft that I wouldn’t be able to participate
because I couldn’t resist thrifting for a whole month. But I’ve decided
to participate in a different way. For the month of April I’m going to
give myself a little break from the hectic pace of blogging and "use what I have" in the way of posts.
So starting now Wee Wonderfuls will be on reruns.

Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

20 thoughts on “it’s April! (fools day)

  1. dawn says:

    What a great idea Hillary – all the big stars do a “best of” every now and then. I am determined to stay out of the craft stores for the month and sort out all the awesome supplies I already have. I did buy some remnants the other day, enough for a doll and some fairy wings, just in case. You never know when something/body may need fairy wings and I’d hate to be short.

  2. Luckybeans says:

    Hey, we’ll take whatever we can get! I, too, look forward to old posts I may have missed or forgotten.
    And goodness, if anyone deserves a break, it’s you!

  3. Leslie says:

    “Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!”
    Now I have Jack Johnson’s song in my head! 🙂 Did Oscar get to see Curious George?!
    Enjoy your break! 🙂

  4. Stephanie Cullison says:

    ACK!! I don’t know if I can go a whole month without new news from you and updated cuteness. I sure hope it’s an april fools day joke!!! AHHHH!!!!!! I love your blog so much and have been busy making wee bunnies all over the place. It’s such a lovely and easy pattern and they are just so dang cute! Thanks again Hillary for all inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you do in the months ahead!

  5. vegasandvenice says:

    Oh phew! I just did not expect that from you! Huh? Was your thrifting not really so sucky? Does that bag contain some wonderment that we have yet to behold?
    Sneaky Smart Girl!

  6. jess hutch says:

    Ha! Nice April Fool’s joke. I actually think this is kind of a brilliant idea – take a break and just link to older posts, ones that newer readers would want to read to get a sense of what you’re all about. Neat.

  7. julia says:

    Harumph. I’m a little mad – I was gonna co-opt your idea! Okay, I am not mad. But I was going to co-opt the idea!
    Actually, the phrase “use what you have” reminds me that in the next few days, we’re going to start our next adventure: my husband and I are going to (unofficially) join The Compact and commit to not buying anything new for a while. Details not worked out … they allow thrifting/ebaying, but since I spend at least half the money I spend on “second” items, I’m going to go all the way. Buy NOTHING but food and medical/safety items … for at least two months, and then slowly start adding back used stuff. I’m so excited to see the money roll in, and stay in.
    Delayed gratification is not really my strong point. It’ll be a fun experiment, no matter the results.
    At any rate, I’d love it if you ran a few “best of” posts!

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