green wednesday

I was of course thinking of a Spring green outdoor shot for green Wednesday, but then Stephanie’s green day post reminded me, duh, a huge part of our life is about the green, why not show that? I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned what Tim does before. He’s a website developer for a non-profit agency devoted to  "strategies for livable communities", Center for Neighborhood Technology. (he’d kill me if I didn’t pipe in here that he did NOT design their homepage) It’s a fantastic organization with many very cool programs and I’ve learned so much since Tim started working there. If you have a chance click around…

green infrastructure – the connecting of green spaces in a landscape – green roofs and raingardens and all sorts of fun stuff.

green mapping – more on green infrastructure, with maps for you map geeks.

green building – this one is very cool, CNT is one of only 2 buildings in Chicago and a handful in the world that received the Platinum certification for green building standards.

and for some blue (clear air), travel matters (similar to the ecological footprint Steph linked to), airhead (emmissions calculator and more) and the super popular car sharing program I-GO which has just come to Oak Park!


and still searching the archives: some green shoes at a cool fabric store, a green robot, a green basket and fauna, the green kitty.


10 thoughts on “green wednesday

  1. dawn says:

    it makes me proud to live in a city where you have to have city council approve cutting down a healthy tree.
    and on the weekend P called us all out to the front yard because a bald eagle was flying about the trees across the street.
    but I’m sure we could be greener yet, thanks for the link, Hillary!

  2. amanda says:

    I drove one of the I-GO Hybrid cars when I lived in Evanston. It was fantastic!!! The El is nice and all, but I-GO is so much better for big grocery shopping and Target trips!

  3. emily says:

    I live out in Wheaton, and got a chance to tour CNT a couple of years ago – I still have daydreams about it… an amazing place. Makes me wish I went into science or something like so I could work there.

  4. Mimulus says:

    I am so glad your hub is involved in green build, a huge area of interest for me. Chicago is full of older housing stock and has severe weather so alot of possibilites for green retrofitting for energy efficiency. Plus, renewed neighborhoods closer to downtown instead of exurban sprawl. Its easy to be green, and the web makes it easy to know how.

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