After the sad news of Budget Living magazine folding, there is some good news  — an awesome new blog from some of the editors over at BL, Shelterrific.

from their about me page…

"Shelterrific is…
About all things you do in your home, including decorating, eating, cooking, web shopping, crafting and fixer-upping.

A filter to help you find the best voices, shops, products and on-line services for your home.

A community, where you can ask questions of fellow homebodies, and share your own tips and ideas.

An extreme work in progress. We’re self-taught bloggers, so please bear with us as we explore all of our tech capabilities."

Sounds good to me! Already I’m hooked. Cheap, easy, Ikea – those are all my requirements. I have to do this great mirror trick. And look they’re crafty too. I’m always in awe of beaded knitting.

and best yet, my easter decorating dilemna solved – the eggling!

19 thoughts on “shelterrific

  1. Tami says:

    Oooh, I like the magic bean that they have posted. I can see those used as place cards for a springtime dinner, or a tea party. Thanx for sharing a great new site with us.

  2. Toni says: those egglings are the c-Utest things! I need one, or 5.
    Thanks so much for the link to this blog! I will abosolutely keep them bookmarked.

  3. vegasandvenice says:

    Oooh that is sad about Budget Living. I received a free subscription for them and was about to get it started. I bought their last issue and really enjoyed it, plus I saved some money on vet bills. I will have to bookmark their new site thanks for posting it. If you like it I am sure I will too! I love the eggy plant cups!! Happy happy spring!!

  4. luckybeans says:

    I’ve done these before with my daughters– they are wonderful! And you can even prop them in the carton as you do the fiddly bits… We tried sweet williams, miniature violets, and johnny jump-ups, too. Thanks for pointing us in Shelterrific’s direction. Another blog to become addicted to! Ack!

  5. Alison says:

    When I was living in Boston my roommate subscribed to Budget Living, so I’m sad to hear that it’s gone. I’m back in Oz now, and we have ‘Real Living’ a relatively new magazine, but just as great for all of us in the IKEA mindset…. And I’ll definitely be bookmarking the shelteriffic blog – thanks!!

  6. mirdreams says:

    I wish they’d told subscribers it was the end. I’d been checking my mailbox and wondering. I loved that mag.
    Note that the egg things aren’t real eggshells but little ceramic shells with seeds in them already. I guess it would work with real ones and your own shells though, I know you can use them in compost so maybe you could just crack the shell and plant it when it got too big. You can find the ceramic ones at Urban Outfitters and other places online.

  7. Gordon Bellows says:

    I was wandering around the Internet when I stumbled onto the info about the eggling. Thanks for the link. This is exactly the sort of thing my wife likes, but she usually finds them before I do.

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