maybe not so big after all

I wrote a few weeks ago about how "Easter is going to be Big!" around here. The very sweet Toni read that and offered to send me these great embroidered eggs she’d found. Easter excitement was brewing. Well, I guess it’s time to fess up that it turns out it’s not going to be quite so big. The thing that had my heart aflutter and my palms sweating for Easter time was that I was going to have a small piece in the April edition of Budget Living magazine. (!!!) It was an Easter craft project that parents could do with their kids. Unfortunately the fates decided against my little taste of fame when the magazine folded. I found out the unhappy news a few weeks ago and it really didn’t dishearten me too too much at the time. I’m very good at the ‘expect the worst’ bit of that old saying. I was really more depressed for the disappearance of a very cool magazine than my small disappointment. It was such a wonderful experience working with them and really such dorky fun for me. Coming up with all sorts of different Easter craft ideas for them to consider was so great, like crafty homework! That was part of why Easter was going to be big around here, I have a few leftover half baked Easter ideas that I thought would be fun to post about.

Then Tim brought home the new MS Kids yesterday for me and man, this sucks! Now it’s hitting home how disappointed I am that the piece isn’t going to run. Am I doing my stages of grief all backwards? Now I’m in the muttering ‘aw man’ every hour or so stage.  MS Kids has a cover story on dressing up eggs and that’s what my little craft was about.. making felt bunny masks for your Easter eggs. MS Kids is all "eggs-cited!" I was eggs-cited too. I even had a great tag line and everything… "This spring serve your eggs bunny side up!" cute huh? as far as egg taglines go? Ah well, next time. And I have bigger, sadder things to fret about now, like the fact that MS Kids is the next in the line of very cool magazines to fold. So sad.

Well, cheerier happier things coming soon. The free bunny pattern will be up soon. And despite the gloom here in Chicago the temps are warm and reassuring that Spring will actually land and Easter will still be big!

58 thoughts on “maybe not so big after all

  1. mary says:

    oh my gosh, budget living AND ms kids!?!?!??? unbelievable. i’m so depressed now.
    I’m excited to read you were going to have a story in budget living, and i’m sorry that excitement has to be tempered by such sad news. i hope we’ll still get to see your story somewhere.

  2. mamaloo says:

    I’ll miss MS Kids considerably, but I found Budget Living to be obnixious from the start. Their idea of living on a budget tended more to the living on my monthly trust fund payment kind of budget and it grossed me out. I’ve always liked ReadyMade far more.
    (Funny, I looked over at a mag rack in my kitchen and there is the Premiere issue of Budget Living, but not the first one, which was actually kinda cool, but the second version after they closed shop for a year and decided courting upper middle class incomes was better for their advertisers.)

  3. Dina says:

    What?! You are very noble to be coping so well with postponement of a big moment. You are soooooo talented (trying not to be jealous)–it’s a matter of time before your talents are displayed where more of us can appreciate them. Your typepad page is GORGEOUS. Good grief. Thanks for the great work. And MS kids folding!? Arrrgggg.

  4. Theresa says:

    I don’t deal well with dissapointment like that either, so I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for you. But, I have to admit that I’m more sorry that you’ve just gone an wrecked my day by telling that MS Kids is going down. WAH! πŸ™
    Seriously, my kids and I love that mag, and our house is strewn with many crafts loving made from it’s pages. *sniff*

  5. Theresa says:

    opps, hit send too quickly! do you think MS Kids is folding because MS has come out with the “Good Things for Kids”? I picked it up last week at the market, and it’s a mini version of MS Kids, with tons of cool crafts. Hopefully all the craftiness and fabulousness from MSKids will now be channellled into the new (little-er) magazine.

  6. kelly says:

    ugh – sounds like a whole lot of rainy-day type news… sorry to hear about your project going with the magazine. if it’s any consolation, i’m sure you know you already have a huge captive audience here! sucks about MS kids too… one of my favs.

  7. Kristin says:

    Have you considered publishing your own ‘zine for crafts with kids? I would buy it AND I’d advertise in it. I love what you do. My daughter is still having fun with her paper dolls (with colored paperclips;-) I’d be thrilled to see what other Easter crafts you have up your sleeve.

  8. andy says:

    i am so sad to see budget living go -it was such a fantastic magazine – and too disappointing that you never got to do the easter feature. your work is fantastic.

  9. Claudia says:

    Hillary, I am so sad that you where not able to post your project in BL Mag. I loved that magazine and (gasp) I had a two year subscription that I have yet to find out if I will be refunded for. Your bunnies are so super cute and I am so glad you can still share them here with us.

  10. jenny vorwaller says:

    awwww. hillary, that really stinks!! about the magazine…but that you didn’t get that article run too. ):
    but they are sooo adorable, and when i gobble up ms kids this month, i will definetly think of you!!
    if it makes you feel any better, years ago i thought i was a genius because i had this great idea about sugar cookies cut like puzzle shapes. i thought i was gonna make it BIG with that idea…
    and then a while later, i saw it in a martha stewart mag.

  11. jacqueline says:

    This has happened to me several times with MS magazines. I was making these very cool button bracelets and then they were in MS Kids, I was into making pencil cases out of placemats: again in MS Kids. I was about to think that they were peeking into my little brain. BUT MAYBE that is what the governmet is spying for… MARTHA STEWART. You, me, there must me millions of ideas stolen. πŸ˜‰ Your bunnies are SUPER cute.

  12. thefeltmouse says:

    I am so thrilled that you got as far as you did with BL – it is (was, now) a dream of mine to have one of my parties featured in the mag, but guess I’ll have to look for another outlet. Please add my vote for a wee wonderfuls craft mag!

  13. jess hutch says:

    Hey Hillary, sorry about your disappointment… but I have a feeling there will be many similar opportunities for you in the future. You are a STAR, dahling.

  14. Lara says:

    gosh, what a bummer! i have always had this vision of MS walking into the “craft area” and saying “I want 4 projects made from a toothpick” and the lowly designers run to the computer and search craft blogs for ideas. your stuff is too good for those mags!

  15. Daphne says:

    I’m sorry to hear your article won’t appear. I’m also sorry about BL; though I’d only read it once, the writers seemed smart, sassy and (egads) feminist. “Serve your eggs bunny side up!” is cute, too… sigh. I hope you will submit story ideas to other magazines.

  16. k8tykat says:

    i think you should start a wee wonderfuls crafty kids section to share all of your brainy ideas. the paperdools were so cute, and now, the bunny masks for eggs … you rock my world!

  17. Krista says:

    Oh I had a suspicion ms was going down when my librarian said they wouldn’t be getting anymore in… so it’s true? How sad. I had only just discovered it and was enjoying immensely. Waaa.

  18. myra says:

    I’d heard that Budget Living was folding but it’s even more disappointing to find out you were going to be in the next issue. And MS Kids is going down too!!
    Boo. πŸ™

  19. Blair says:

    So much sucky news. I kind of liked Budget Living, and now MS Kids??! I must go lie down.
    Your Easter craft idea is super cute. Would have been fun to see it published. Maybe its time we all started our own bloggy kid’s mag.

  20. Toni says:

    I just heard about MS Kids, such a bummer. I guess those back issues will be a real treasure now. Sorry about your sad news too…just when you would have been one up on Martha too! Dang. Your eggs are so cute. The bunny masks and and the tag line are awesome!

  21. julia says:

    WHAT!? MS Kids is folding?! Hillary, why don’t you just tell me that there is no Santa Claus!
    *almost for real*
    Can’t we figure out how to start an on-line petition to keep it going? I mean, stupid TV shows are kept alive all the time because of letter-writing campaigns, right?
    And I am truly sorry that your other favorite is ending and that you won’t be featured. That is such a shame.

  22. amy k. says:

    suck. sucky suck. well, we all know your talents won’t go untapped again for very long-but, man, I hear you. being in print would have been so cool.
    and that photo is so cute and awesome it hurts!! bah.
    I had not heard about ms kids and I refuse to believe-why? how? really? I just don’t understand? low subscribers (is that possible?) not enough ads (again, seems unlikely) maybe the whole crew will start a new mag?

  23. molly says:

    I think your tagline was eggcellent! the whole ms kids fold is something I’m not ready to face. I get so much inspiration from that magazine. I just can’t imagine that it doesn’t have enough readership to stay up and running.
    I can’t wait for your bunny pattern. i had so much fun with pointy kitty…and so did my cat, if you remember!!

  24. meg says:

    I’m so sorry – what a disappointment! The tag line was great, too – surely you’re going to get more and more opportunities to share your obvious talent.
    About MS Kids: Man, I just subscribed and I could tell by the web site that they were doing the el foldo. Grr!

  25. jess says:

    Aww I know you’re disappointed now, but you know you’ll get many more chances with your talent!
    –long time reader

  26. Kelli says:

    Well, you’ve got our attention! Who needs a magazine? (I’m trying to make you feel better. I know it sucks.) But really, I’d bet if you opened a flickr pool, you’d be shocked by how many people would make these egg masks. They are too cute! And we all love your ideas.

  27. Adriana says:

    Oh, Hillary. I’m sorry to hear the news, but I have the feeling that you’re destined for an even bigger magazine so please don’t lose heart. Maybe, as many commenters have suggested, it will be your own zine! That would be exciting and egg-citing too!
    About MS Kids, I was sad to hear it too the other day, when I was trying to subscribe to it. Rumour has it, the Good Things for Kids issue was a test to make kids go that size. Apparently the format they use for Everyday Food was very popular and they might adopt it for Kids too. Kids is an award winning magazine so I doubt they’ll discontinue it just like that.
    There have also been rumours that MS is coming with a new magazine “Blueprint” this year geared towards thirty-somethings organising their first homes. It will be kind of like Living but it will also have makeup and fashion and that sort of things.
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see…
    Thought that info might be useful for your readers πŸ™‚

  28. Kristie says:

    I am also so depressed about Budget Living- I think we should throw it a crafty funeral. Alas, I will be borrowing your egg idea so know that you have inspired anyway!

  29. Stephanie says:

    Just wanted to offer you some comfort. It’s completely understandable to be more than bummed about this. You’re very talented and good things will happen to you. As for MS Kids, I’ll miss it. I was never that fond of B.L. though I hate to see any good magazine go under. I miss Chow Magazine still. πŸ™

  30. JoAnn says:

    I’m so sorry you won’t be “published”. But like so many other comments before me, I believe it won’t be long before another opportunity presents itself. You’re mega talented and it’s only a matter of time.

  31. Sasha says:

    Super bummed that the magazine thing didn’t pan out…man those MS people must have a spy listening in on your communiques with the magazine. Just goes to prove that your idea was superfantasic! Maybe next time eh?

  32. mary says:

    Given the amount of traffic you have here, the amazing work you do and the kind way you inspire many of us, I would say bigger things are on your horizon.
    I love the bunny eggs- they can head to the bank for a heist after they deliver the baskets.

  33. Marieke says:

    I’m so sorry to read you won’t be published but look at the bright side, you already got a pretty large group of readers out here ;0)
    The eggs are absolutely beautiful. I’m a needlefelter myself and if you’re interested I placed a tiny tutorial on how make needlefelted eggs on my weblog:

  34. Heatherica says:

    MS Kids is folding? Oh no, that makes me so sad πŸ™ I hope they are replacing it with some sort of kids magazine..
    I’m sorry about your article. That must be so disappointing πŸ™ Your egg bunny masks are so super cute!

  35. mamaloo says:

    Anyone seen the new Disney corp mag: Wonder Time? It’s gorgeous and has a lot fo the design esthetic of MS Kids and some the of the content type. It just premiered and they’re offering an intro subscription rate of 10 issues for $10 USD (in the US).
    Just thought I’d mention it – I’m in no way affiliated with the company, I just bought it for it’s lovely design today.

  36. Cailean says:

    Eh??!!!! MS Kids is over?? It can’t be! I just renewed it per their solicitation! I have subscribed since the beginning and LOVE it. It shaped my personality and creativity. Surely they’ll continue it in some form. I was sad enough when it went down in the number of issues per year. And actually very unimpressed when the winter issue post-Martha release was at least 30 recycled ideas from past issues. I have to start my mourning stages now.

  37. hillary says:

    Thank you all *so much* for the super kind comments! I’m officially snapped right out of that funk.
    and a little tiny clarification – I wasn’t at all saying I think ms kids stole my idea, or beat me to the punch. there’s no 13 going on 30 funny business going on I assure you! and yes, that is a dorky romantic comedy reference for you.

  38. Siri says:

    B.U. Double M. E.R! What a dissappointment for you. And a dissappointment for all of us about MSKids. I was just thinking the other day about how that one, of all the magazines I subscribe to, is the my favorite, and that I ACTUALLY use ideas from it all the time. Didn’t it just win a big design award last year?
    But, on the other hand, I wasn’t all that impressed with the new issue. Your bunnies are WAAAAAY cuter than theirs.

  39. kit says:

    I had been looking for new budget livings for months and months. I think I could not get them in my area for a while before they folded. I loved that mag.

  40. Melissa says:

    I’m so sorry about your article not seeing the light – I would have been so excited to find that in my Budget Living! You will have the chance to do that again; I’m sure of it.
    And MS Kids? It wins all the design awards! I can’t believe they’re dropping it! Good thing I’ve archived a ton of back issues. πŸ™
    Your dressed-up eggs are adorable. Finally, a great use for all my scrap felt and tiny buttons!

  41. Joan says:

    Am I the only one who was translating MSkids as Multiple Sclerosis Kids? Gah! ( I have 4 brothers with MD – muscular Dystrophy – well, only one is left- so the abbreviation of MS is just kinda implanted in my brain as the disease, not Martha Stewart.)
    So, really, not getting into a magazine is a bummer, but not nearly as bad as finding out or having kids with a horrible disease. When one door closes, throw a chair through a locked closed window if necessary.
    The Egg-cellent decorations are adoreable.
    But the embroidered egg thiniges are AMAZING. Do you have directions on how to maim…errr….make them?
    Thanks for the free bunny pattern. The kids will be getting remnant bunnies for Easter.

  42. M Hillyer says:

    nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MSKIDS CAN’T FOLD. I so look forward to it each quarter. It is the only magazine worth buying. The craft ideas are uncomparable to anything outthere.I live in Australia….are there any other magazines in America that are comparable ….that I can order in. Please help.

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