Well I wish it was warmer and sunnier, but I’m still so excited it’s finally March. I hate February. I suffer through its cold dreary uneventfulness every year. Even February knows it sucks, that’s why it only inflicts 28 days on us. I’m ready for the 31 hopefully progressively warmer days of a new springtime month.

here’s some beautiful fabric from Jen that puts me in a Springy mood

in other exciting, what’s-just-around-the-corner news, I’ve got a niece cooking! My sister just found out yesterday that she’s having a girl! woohoo! wonder if I can find any pink around here.

oh, and another tiresome technology hates me update: the darn thriftcraft feed in bloglines problem seems to be back. at least in my bloglines. I put a big fat button to t.c. over there in the sidebar (that I’m sure Tim will have a heart attack when he comes home and sees) that will have the most recent photo from the site.

14 thoughts on “march!

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thank goodness, indeed, that those 28 days are over! I admit to feeling like you do about thrifting finds when I got that fabric. “Hmmmm…Hillary might like this.” In the basket it went. For some reason, I thought of Tim’s mural in Oscar’s room (totally different look, I know).
    How exciting about having a new niece! Fire up the sewing machine and knitting needles!

  2. scribblesnbits says:

    Congratulations on the niece! And I LOVE that fabric! I don’t know what I would do with it. I’d be afraid to use it on anything for fear of wasting it, but I could see it being my favorite skirt ever, for example.

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