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first, we screwed up! the rss feed for thriftcraft was off and it’s not updating right in bloglines. eep! so sorry about this, but if you’d added it to your b-lines, please delete and add the right one. the rss link at the top of the thriftcraft page is correct now. or here it is..

in wee wonderfuls tech news, I’ve set up 2 flickr groups…

wee wonderfuls wees and wee wonderfuls pointy kitties

they’re open for everyone to join. if you want to sign up and add your wees or kitties to the groups they’ll be popping up in the new flickr badges (over there –>)

if you’ve sent me a wee before and have a flickr it would be AWESOME if you could pop on over to flickr and add it to the group. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with the old wee gallery. I’m going to leave it up for a bit while I figure it out.

7 thoughts on “tech talk

  1. Dozodozo says:

    Hi! I love the wee and pointy kitty galleries! Hilary, thanks for the patters! One more thing, I couldn’t access the pointy kitty gallery from the link within the text.

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi, I know this comment is a bit late, but I have just uploaded my pointy kitties to the gallery, it is lovely to see so many kitties over there. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog (I am de-lurking!), It was the first blog I ever read, probably a year or so ago, and now I have just started my own. Your blog is always a pleasure to look at and to read.

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