my favorite $20 magazine

Picked up the new Selvedge yesterday. So many wonderful and inspiring things in this issue. I keep having to put it down because it’s too good and I can’t take it in all at once. Here’s a shot of some beautiful pojagi by Chunghie Lee.

13 thoughts on “my favorite $20 magazine

  1. Amanda says:

    I love this magazine too! I wish it weren’t so expensive though. I keep almost-subscribing, perhaps one day I’ll get all the way there and actually subscribe!

  2. Daphne says:

    I’m glad Selvedge has a strong audience. I can’t justify buying every issue but would be so sad if it disappeared. Thanks for posting this tantalizing image!

  3. Kelly says:

    I love Selvedge too. Just yesterday I cut out that pojagi photo and hung it on my Inspiration Board” in the little studio I’m creating in our basement.

  4. Kristen says:

    Selvedge is wonderful – not cheap but worth it. I re-subscribed yesterday (while the ‘Sale’ is still on!).
    I felt OK about the money as I’ve just cancelled my subscription to Vogue, after many years (the huge amount of ads and all the articles on uber-expensive face creams were getting on my wick).

  5. Helen says:

    Can anyone help with information about pojagi? I can’t find any ‘how to’ details on the internet. I’d like some basic info about seams etc.

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