quilted necklace

I gave that quilted necklace idea another try and I’m really happy with this one. I used some of my new favorite fabric that Stephanie sent me. It lays nice and flat and is sort of weighted down by the corduroy layers. The only problem is when I bend over (which I do ever 2 minutes to pick up some toy or another) it flops into my face. Maybe if I had a more straight up and down sort of life.

closer here

17 thoughts on “quilted necklace

  1. Stephanie says:

    this is what is so cool about sharing fabric with you…i get to see you use it in some totally fabulous way!
    i really love this and would totally wear it even though i’d be in the same boat with the constantly bending over thing. i think this concept would make a really great belt too…

  2. cat says:

    wowzers! the neckless is gorgeous! i think you could even do a garland type thing for doorways, windows or resale! very imaginative, totally impressed!

  3. Sarah says:

    Very cute. The flopping around is probably due to the weight being all in the front. May I suggest using multiple strands on the side and hanging a couple beads off the clasp as a counter weight? You should find that helps.

  4. Julia says:

    I like the choker idea, or, (and I haven’t read up the comments to see if this has been mentioned) It would be cool to see this with one more on each side, attached to the shirt (which, far away, is the visual one gets with the necklace). Of course that would render it hard-to-wash, what with the raw edges … I’ve used that edging stuff that’s supposed to seal raw fabric edges on an iron-on applique I made with a single layer of cotton and it didn’t work at all. I guess the “attach it to one shirt” isn’t too versatile anyway.
    I like this idea … I know you’ll find a way to streamline it just the way you like!

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