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The weather channel promised me some sun this afternoon but it’s nowhere in sight. So pics of my new cheery pillows will have to wait. Instead I’ll just chat you up. Thank you so much for all the happy birthdays this weekend! And thank you Amy for outing me. I like to get all eeyore about my birthday but despite my best efforts I actually had a very fun weekend. Lots of great presents, lots of special treatment from my sweet husband, lots of yummy uneconomical take out, and an almost-movie. I don’t know what were we thinking trying to go to the movies on a saturday night. Tim and I have very picky movie viewing requirements. Most of which revolve around barely anyone else being there. Guess I’ll have to wait to see a little Heath on Jake action. Another small birthday disappointment was that the yarn shop my mom took me to to buy a pom pom maker was out of them. Anybody out there have an extra Clover pom pom maker they want to trade?  Or know where I can get one online? I need more poms in my life.

And hey look, I’m famous! Thanks Karen for including me!

16 thoughts on “just boring words

  1. rebecca says:

    Happy be-lated birthday! I have been searching high and low for those pom pom makers as well — it’s kind of the half circle shaped one right? If you get any good leads for a source, I’d love to know!

  2. Amanda says:

    Happy belated birthday! Oh, and if you find an online source for the Clover pompom maker, please let me know too! I’ve been wanting one and my local shops refuse to carry them…

  3. Blair says:

    Happy Birthday again Hillary. Your interview with Karen is great! Sorry about the pom-pom maker, if I had one I’d trade gladly. I made myself a rather crude one to get me through a project or two a while back. Can’t find them here either. I think Martha Stewart’s people bought them all up.

  4. Stephanie says:

    well, happy birthday! i totally missed any hints.
    enjoyed the interview!
    i don’t have an extra pom-pom maker, but i do know of several local places that sell the clover ones. let me know.

  5. suz says:

    Happy B-Day! As a present i nominated Wee for Best Craft Blog on the ’06 Bloggies. I’m sure i’m not the first, so i hopt you make it to the finalists!

  6. Li Wu says:

    Happy belated birthday! I enjoyed the interview (congratulations), especially about doing things that make us happy. It really isn’t worth it otherwise. Who has the time to be miserable?!

  7. Mim says:

    Happy (belated) birthday!!
    I was going to give you the purlsoho-link for the PomPom-maker but you already got it 🙂
    Did you manage to get one?
    Is is different from the Inox pompom-maker??

  8. hannah says:

    your interview was great! i mean we all love your creations, but it is reassuring to know you do too! happy birthday! i am really looking forward to all the creative things in your sights for this year!

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