Forecast for 06?

So far 2006 has been dreary as hell. Rain, pouring rain, hail, all the snow gone and just gray gray gray. I can’t take a decent photo of anything. I’m not really a s.a.d. sufferer but for some reason this gloom is really getting to me. Maybe it’s the photo thing, or the being at home thing. You don’t really notice crappy weather when you’re at work. When you’re home however, with a toddler, your life is so tied to the weather. Oscar doesn’t seem to mind much. In fact, at this rate he’ll probably be reading by the time he’s two and a half. Not much else to do but read read read and play with all his toys, half of which are ABC (or number-c’s as he calls them) related.  He already seems to recognize about half the letters. Maybe soon he can read Choo Choo to himself and give me a break!

I think today is christmas break-down day and then maybe I’ll make some bright New Year’s pillows to perk this place up. The cover of the West Elm catalog is convincing me I need some yellow up in here.


13 thoughts on “Forecast for 06?

  1. carol says:

    I’m with you on the dreariness. I don’t know whether I want 5degrees and sun OR this! I drove from Chicago to Ohio yesterday and all there was to look at was dead grass…bare trees…come on Spring!!

  2. mijk says:

    We had blue skies and sun today. Snow gone, christmas stuff bannished for another year and sun and light in my room. It was great and to make it even better the windowcleaners came round and now the windows sparkle..
    I felt just like you yesterday.. But it is all gone..

  3. Blair says:

    It must be dreary all over the US, cause its very gray here too. We have a little metal replica of “Choo Choo” from when Peter was a boy in Ian’s room, we all cherish it. And, please, pass send some of that yellow on up here to me, because I could use something cheery to rest my snotty head on. A-choo! choo! : )

  4. hannah says:

    oh yeah, toddlers and grey weather are a tough combination. we have already watched collette’s new baby shakespeare video a million times! yellow is an excellent cure for the blahs, cant wait to see what you come up with!

  5. Fiona says:

    I know what you mean. I used to relish the idea of a whole day indoors, but with a toddler it’s a whole different experience. 😉 Love that yellow!

  6. tania says:

    ugh – i am with you on the gray gloomy ugh blah crummy mood!
    maybe ordering a few free catalogs is just the trick – that one looks spiffy and nice!

  7. Catherine says:

    Here in britain the weather is abismal, too. We’ve had huge amounts of snow, and it always, ALWAYS seems to be thick fog – the kind where you can’t see your nose, never mind 10 feet infront of your car x_x

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