tie one on – holiday fun

I made it just under the wire for Tie One On this time. I obviously
missed Christmas so I’ve made a New Year’s apron instead. Perfect for
serving cocktails! I’ve got a huge pile of vintage slips that I’ve
picked up thrifting over the years and I’ve been looking for a project for
them for a while now. So I thought how about a slinky totally frivolous
lacey apron for New Year’s.

how to: I laid the slip flat, cut off the skirt, turned inside out, sewed the top shut, turned it back right side out, so now it’s 2 layers sewn together. I cut up the bodice to make the pockets, zig zag’d them on through both layers and then zig zag’d on bias tape along the top for the waistband and straps. easy peasy. don’t want to spend too much time on it because the second you spill a sidecar all over it it’ll be history!

25 thoughts on “tie one on – holiday fun

  1. robin says:

    i am bartending tomorrow night at a glitzy little wine bar i can’t seem to ever stop working at. i totally have to make one! it is so tres chic! i pick up vintage slips all the time too! ha!

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