Project Downgrade

Time’s running out and I refuse to be stressed by things that are supposed to be fun so a few planned projects have been downgraded a bit. First, the christmas quilt (actually both of the quilting projects at this link are no more) with illustrations printed on fabric using bubble set. I’d already decided this project was going to be a table runner instead of a quilt and this weekend decided I didn’t have time to mess around with the bubble set. So I went with a simple table runner using my favorite fabrics from those I had slated for the project and maybe next year I can make a matching quilt.

This combo has been inspired all my christmas decorations. I love this yarn dye striped fabric so much. I think I found it at Hobby Lobby. This plus my vintage white ric rac with silver running through it is the perfect solution to my Christmas identity crisis.

The second downgrade is the quilt I was planning for my Mom for Christmas. Actually I wouldn’t call it a downgrade at all. I’d planned on making a pattern from the new FunQuilts book called Book Club that looked like shelves of books. I kept putting off working on it and I realized I just wasn’t feeling it. Too representational. The color scheme I’d picked out too drab. So I’m pitching it for a new idea. A way less "mom" idea but I think she’s going to really like it. I’m really excited about the fabrics I yanked for this quilt. If mom doesn’t like it I’ll give her an i.o.u. and keep it for myself! (And yes Kim, this means I’m punking out on the Modern Quilt Along. I know, I suck.)

The third downgrade is up in the air. Oscar’s Christmas pjs. Up in the air because my eQuilter order went frickin missing and their best advice is ‘wait til friday to see if it shows up.’ ok, great. Now I’ve got to find time to go to the fabric store and see if they have any not insanely bad flannel in the kid’s aisle.

This would be a nice lead in to my rant & rave about the horrible US postal service and how they FALL APART during Christmas and all the totally suckass online shopping problems I’ve had. But I’ll save that for another day… a little advent surprise for next week maybe, pull the string and a torrent of complaint and regret come raining down on you!

19 thoughts on “Project Downgrade

  1. carol says:

    I’ll pipe in on the postal service. I had a battery recharger stolen today. I received an empty envelope (recharger should have been in there!) and a half opened box from Amazon. Sheesh. Beware!+

  2. Blair says:

    I ditto the postal service observations. Let’s just say an amazon box arrived today that looked as if it had been pulled by a rope tied to the back of the mail truck all day. Then as the mailman is handing me the mail, he takes off running to my neighbor’s house to add more mail into his box. Geez, people! I’m also glad to hear that my favorite do-it-all crafter is downgrading a bit. Just as I seem to be ramping up. I do this to myself every year.

  3. mary says:

    omigosh, hillary! the same thing happened to me with equilter. i ordered a bunch of fabric from them over a month ago now, and it is missing. they said the same thing to me – wait. i too have been incredibly irritated by the whole situation. it’s really frustrating when you order fabric to make something specific and have a short timeline, and you just have to wait??!!? Ugh.
    btw – the tablerunner is great!

  4. Susanne says:

    Funny, I too am waiting for fabric from eQuilter! I’m hoping it shows up today or mom isn’t getting her present! Guess I should have been thinking about gifts in October, not November.
    BTW, beautiful table runner. Simple and elegant.

  5. hannah says:

    wouldnt it be nice if everyone downgraded and actually enjoyed themselves this year? the employees at the costco customer service desk last night were in a sour enough mood for all us patiently waiting customers. yikes! sorry to hear about oscars pjs, maybe they will be new years pjs? your table runner is lovely!

  6. Grammie says:

    Speaking as the Mom of another creative wonder of a daughter, I would be very happy with something “unmom-like” made by her. Downshifting is good for the car, good for the soul. Happy Christmas.

  7. gwen says:

    I love your table runner and the vintage ric rac! Very inspired by your centerpiece too! I know what you mean about trying to not stress about projects- it should be fun. I have had to do some downgrading as well. Merry Christmas!

  8. lori says:

    You are so right to downgrade! Enjoy the season! I still have 5 pairs of kids man pyjamas to make. What is bubble set? It sounds like something I need.

  9. Jeanne says:

    You should try the Canadian postal service! Ugggggggggggg! (That’s the only thing that bugs me about Canada)I guess I’m just a spoiled American! Hang in there!

  10. Amber says:

    Try to do it anyway, even with the not-originally planned-fabric.
    My mom made us pjs/nighties for Christmas every year there for a stretch, and it was really really great. It became a tradition, a nice way for her to handmake a gift that didn’t have to be “cool” enough to show to anyone but family (when we got older, she stopped otherwise sewing for us, because it wasn’t as cool as storebought). And we really looked forward to them. I remember at least once helping pick out the pattern I wanted, but it still came wrapped under the tree.
    I think it was also a nice way to make a gift out of something that would otherwise be just one of those usual expenses. Since it was a tradition, and usually homemade, they were a special gift instead of just something else you have to buy, like socks and underwear, and peanut butter and paper towels.
    Good luck!
    Thanks for all the great stuff – I don’t post often, but I read EVERYTHING and it’s very inspiring and enjoyable to see the things you’ve made and what you’re up to.

  11. Siri says:

    We’re in activity downgrade around here. At the rate things were starting to line up for next week, we wouldn’t have a single evening at home just to relax with C’s mom while she’s here visiting. It’s hard to choose, but we’re having to decline invitations to a Solstice bonfire and a cookie baking party. I was starting to dread the holiday week, but we all feel so much better already for making the cutbacks. There’s always next Christmas.
    Nice downgrade on the quilt. I know there’s a pile of cut-out quilt squares for a Christmas quilt around here somewhere. A runner is sounding more and more appealing all the time. Maybe next year, too, when I find out which box it’s in.

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