patchwork robot for sale

ok, my glue gun is put away and my cutting mat and rotary wheel are
back out. I have 2 big quilting projects to finish up before christmas
and I need to get on the stick. although one may be downgraded a bit.
but first… will I? won’t I? yes, I will have a patchwork robot for
sale, this one. antenae and control box are from a 70s baby girls
corduroy jumper, head fabric is border of a vintage kitchen print,
polka dot body an old hanky, floral on arms is a vintage print and the
polka dotted feet are a new quilt shop find. the buttons are an awesome
thriftscore from last week. 10" tall. if this guy rings your bell email me at
hillarylang at gmail, $50. thanks!

more robots after the new year. aught six. the year of the robot.

8 thoughts on “patchwork robot for sale

  1. Anna says:

    Too bad I’m on a tight budget because he’s CUTE!!!
    You are very talented. One question, how do you find the time?
    Okay, two questions, how long have you been doing these type of crafts?

  2. carol says:

    Oh boy! It is tempting. Maybe in February you will have some? I know my soon to be 5 year old would go nuts for it. I’d get it for Christmas, but the gift buying NEEDS to STOP!
    Great job, I’m sure he is hard to let go.

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