Happy Birthday Oggah!

The boy is two! Two and terrible. Two and terrific. The best kid ever. I’d go on and on but I’ve got to get going as there are lots and lots of new toys to play with! We have a new army of Hotwheels to inspect and of course fruits and veggies to cut. (that was the best gift suggestion ever – thank you Stephanie!) His little party was a big success, so much fun. Nothing better than an ecstatically happy, hepped up on sugar and toys toddler!

21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Oggah!

  1. melissa says:

    de-lurking!! To say happy birthday to your little boy. He looks so sweet in that photo! Hope you all have a great day celebrating two years of his life and you being parents.

  2. Blair says:

    What a beautiful shot. Happy Birthday Oscar! Isn’t being a mom just the greatest? Oops…I just heard the distince sound of a rather large box of Playmobil being dumped out in someone’s just cleaned bedroom… sigh……as I was saying : )

  3. kelly says:

    Happy Birthday Oscar! Let the fun and terror begin! Brynne is getting the wooden fruits/veggies for Christmas – glad to hear they’re a success!

  4. hannah says:

    yippie!! happy birthday oscar! best boy ever, and best picture ever! thanks for sharing such a sweet photo. fruits and veggies headed our way for christmas too!

  5. ani says:

    what a cutie! that’s a great photo.
    glad to hear the fruit/veggies were a hit…they are going under the tree for my daughter.

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