Inspired by purldrop‘s beautiful and inventive crocheted bead necklaces I’ve been trying to make a quilted necklace. I haven’t quite figured out how to weight it yet so it lays flat. In the mean time I sewed this botched attempt to my favorite old petit bateau t-shirt which has seen better
days and needed a spruce up.

14 thoughts on “experiments

  1. tanya says:

    LOL at your disclaimer… I absolve you from guilt hehehe if you choose to craft non-holiday items..i promise not to point fingers heheh, just wanted to say “Merry Christmas”! also thank you for the inspiration

  2. maria says:

    that is so cute. what a great idea. i often look at old tees that i love but are plain and wish i could quickly silkscreen something onto them… this is even better! mav

  3. Dan says:

    very cool idea! About weighting it…Don’t they make little, flat weights that you can sew into the hem of curtains to help them hang right? Or maybe a coin or something, if those are too heavy. Just a thought 🙂

  4. jen says:

    i too have been mulling over quilted embellishments (more clothes sprucing up vs. jewelery – that’s a great innovation) – have thought of some yo-yos scattered on a skirt or top. many fun possibilities. yours looks great!

  5. Amy says:

    Have you tried to “block” your knit necklace? If you used the correct fibers (Wool as an example of one who will play nice – acrylic as an example of one who will not play nice…) steam will work wonders! Also there are a multitude of wires that can add to the project and help with the shaping… (Knit the wire in with the yard or add it afterwards….)

  6. roo says:

    The one thing about drapery weights is that they will pull down at the point they’re attached, which, depending on how heavy they were, might pull your necklace out of shape.
    I wonder what would happen if you floated a chain inside the bottom hem? (if there is one…)

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