dishtowel garland

Ok, I’ve come up with something for the garland for the kitchen tree. I cut up 2 old dishtowels and sewed on silver ric rac for kitchen + sparkle. (not the silver ric rac, I’m using that for another project) I cut the dishtowel up into 2 1/2" strips, sewed them together end to end and then sewed the ric rac down the middle. 2 towels and 3 packs of ric rac and about 30 minutes later it was done. fast! that’s my new christmas project requirement. quicky & speedy. I have a few more ideas for the kitchen tree, 2 involve baking and one does not. Want to guess which one will get done?

18 thoughts on “dishtowel garland

  1. Liesl says:

    I seem to recall my mother making cinnamon-smelling ornaments that looked like cookies but weren’t…and I think you could save them for future years rather than baking a new batch every year! She made them as a craft with the girls’ group at church, and one of the adults at church unthinkingly picked one up and bit it. Ha!

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