did you know you can unroll cotton balls?

these awesome old pipe cleaners I found at the resale shop + theresa’s post on cody foster and wondering how spun cotton ornaments are made + my current obsession with crazy vintage handmade ornaments = an oscar-free afternoon turning into a whirlwind of crazy ornament making activity! I unrolled cotton balls and used the strips of cotton to wrap up spools, wooden wheels, plastic eggs, anything I could find really and then glue gunned on little heads and buttons and birds, etc. so much fun! I could do this and only this for weeks and weeks but I have to force myself to put away the glue gun and get back to my christmas to-do’s.

sheep spool

deer magnet (the little deer is glued to his side)

jingle face

santa button hat

glitter button face

cross bird lady with snowball head

red bird girl

button full of snowballs


38 thoughts on “did you know you can unroll cotton balls?

  1. amy k. says:

    okay-this seriously made my WEEK! It’s already been a long one, and after visiting these fellows on flikr, I can say all is well with the world. (at least in craftland!!) thank you-genius.

  2. Jiru says:

    Oh wow – so cute! Jingle face is my favorite! I’m hoping for a child-free afternoon sometime soon to crank out some crafts.

  3. ~Vicki says:

    Hillary, how fun these are! I’ve got some of those crazy wooded heads and am looking at them with renewed interest. TIP: Some of the layered type of cotton Christmas drape or those old-fashioned tree skirts (with or without glitter) can be used to wrap ornaments too. It’s really a great way to recycle them when they fall apart, and the older the better!

  4. Anamaria says:

    I’m making felt wee folk-ish ornaments, too! These are so wonderful, though (especially the bird girl with the little babushka), that I must find some cotton balls to unroll (that’s probably as far as I’ll get, but it sounds like fun). One question: what do you use to paint the faces on your beads?

  5. hannah says:

    i wish you had weeks and weeks to do this too! because then we could all spend tons of money buying them and then you could have more weeks and weeks to make more things and we could spend more money… oh i could go on and on! my favorite is button full of snowballs…

  6. scribblesnbits says:

    You are amazing me with all the cuteness and creativity you have! Just absolutely adorable!!! I love how the ladies with the birds both look rather puzzled at having birds in their hands!

  7. Rhiannon says:

    Wonderful! I love your garland too! I need to get cranking on lots of handmade ornaments. It’s so easy having feather trees, I don’t need to make much every year to fill the tree. I do want a real tree one day though and I will need lots more ornaments to decorate it.
    I think you’d work well with spun cotton shapes for ornaments too. I want to order some from this site someday.

  8. Snowbear says:

    HA HA–I’m so glad a post of mine inspired YOU! usually it’s the other way around…
    My taste runs with bellablue’s—sweet!
    I’ve been thinking about this all day and I have an idea of something I’d like to try–just came back from the post office so I can move on this.
    We’ll figure it out!

  9. Robin says:

    These are so wowingly adorable. My 7 year old daughter wants to make some – where did you find the little painted faces? Looking at your site makes our day!

  10. Teresa says:

    Did you know you could spin the cotton balls too? and you can make yarn. Just a FYI
    The ornaments are great. They remind me of some I have from my Grandma.
    Happy Holidays

  11. catnapping says:

    omg, these are soooo adorable! what a great use for that large piece of cotton that always comes in the aspirin jar. I save them, but they sit in a cookie jar.
    great ideas you have on your site here.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    I looked and looked for some little painted birds like yours, but the closest I found were some little 1 1/8 in. unpainted ones, at bearwood.com. Shipping costs are kind of high there though.

  13. kelly says:

    Absolutely incredible! Did you paint all those little wooden faces, or are those re-purposed as well? I love them – the vintage/cody foster thing is perfect!

  14. Denise says:

    Thank you for making this sooo easy! how do you glue cotton to plastic..or wooden shape? I have cotton stuck all over my glue gun..dah?..where do you find the cute birds? So sweet!

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