On Sale – Christmasbot Postcards!

There’s no room in my tiny craft room for all these Christmasbot cards! Snap them up at the slashed prices – 8 cards and envelopes for $8. They’ll be for sale in the shop at this reduced price til Thursday, the 15th and then no more trips to the post office for me. Shop closes on the 15th. also I’ve taken away the button for international sales for the cards. I’m so sorry about this but the lines at the post office are out the door and around the corner and I need to use the automated machine which unfortunately do not do international shipping. The international buttons will pop back up after the new year. Thanks!

7 thoughts on “On Sale – Christmasbot Postcards!

  1. Julia says:

    I am also a wee-making factory for Christmas. I’m making wee ornaments like you did! (no hand stamped fabric though!!) Thanks for sharing your wonderful patterns.

  2. aj says:

    Keep meaning to ask if Oscar has the whimsical and oh so lovely book “Little Robots” by Mike Brownlow. It’s a bedtime favorite at my house, and we actually are not even robot obsessed. But, how could you not love a book that ends, “Then Clink Clank Yawn… And Bleep Bleep Bleep… Little Robots go to sleep”?

  3. Amelia says:

    I just love those bot cards but I am in Australia – I hope you’ll keep them in your shop after Christmas (if they don’t all sell out beforehand of course!). I would love to buy a set to put away for next year.

  4. Dana says:

    Just ordered my cards and wanted to let you know I posted about them on my blog. Hope thats ok, maybe send the few that read my blog over to take a look.

  5. June Tan says:

    Hi Hillary!
    I’d like to get a set to send out at the end of this year (2006). Could you let me know if they’re still available? I’d love to have a set and also another set of the patchwork postcards!
    = )

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