Christmas is on!

We are in full-on Christmas spirit mode over here. finally! I have to
admit we were lagging a bit there. Tim was teasing me that I was going
through my early 20s "Christmas is so commercial" angst a bit late in
life. But really when you start christmasing so flippin early how can one possibly
keep up? But we’ve kicked it into high gear. The two things that really
get me going have happened. First,  our annual trip to the Museum of Science and Industry
and second our big bottle of Baileys Irish Cream. yum!

I’ve been clogging up my flickr with all sorts of Christmas merriment…ornaments on the tree, the kitchen tree, vintage christmas, pics from our trip to MSI (the same pics we take each year) the Christmas around the World trees, the Robots Like Us exhibit, The Great (best ever!) Train Story.

And here are a few Christmas presents coming off the assembly line… a Jess Hutch robot


and some stockings for the boy and his father to match the one I have from when I was a kid…

15 thoughts on “Christmas is on!

  1. Blair says:

    Holy Winter Wonderland…if you were lagging in Christmas spirit, I must be practically running over snowmen! I love Tim’s stocking, that Gaspard and Lisa fabric? It does feel a bit like an assembly line as of late. Or maybe more like Santa’s workshop at your place.

  2. Dana says:

    I love that robot. Wanted to let you know your christmas bot cards are a big hit around here, everyone wants to know where I got them. You are slowly turning me on to this robot thing. The more I think about it the more I realize I need one to help me around here!

  3. PJ says:

    Luv the robot! your getting me into that festive feeling, too! I posted some ornaments as well…think you might like them 🙂
    I signed up for the Flickr thing too…need to explore!

  4. Dawn says:

    I also like your fun robot..and love the fabric on Tim’s stocking. I enjoyed peeking at your ornament pictures. OK…I pretty much enjoy everything on your site. You are a daily stop for me.

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