The Snowbabies

(l-r) Tatiana, Sasha, Katia and Natasha

These are the dolls that are headed to Adelaide Australia for the Morphe show. I suspect they’ll be a little overdressed but they’re excited to head south. Well at least I’m excited. I can’t believe I finally finished them. It was all the knitting that was killing me. I knit in one speed only, pokey.  4 little sweaters and 4 little hats later I’m pooped. I’m trying to think of cute funny things to … More


I don’t know what it is about present-buying month, as December is referred to around here, that makes me so impatient. Oscar’s birthday and Christmas are right around the corner and we’ve started buying up every toy in town but we(I) can never wait for present opening days. I need to stash the presents in the basement or the trunk of the car to keep myself from them. Same impulse control I had when I was 10 years old secretly … More

delusions of grandeur

Well, we’ve sent the Christmasbot cards off to the printer! They’ll be available (if all goes well) for sale  the day after Thanksgiving. I’m really excited about them, 5 x 7 postcards on recycled cardstock with "re-entry red" envelopes. This will be a much shorter run than the Patchwork Set cards. We’re crazy but not that crazy. Actually what makes us order cards to sell right after we’ve put up cards for sale the week before? I think it’s the … More

two more themes

I’ve made up stamp sets for more fabric for wee ornaments. Sledding party with skis, skates, sleds, mittens on a string, hats and hot cocoa with a peppermint stick. stamped in chocolate brown on deep red.

and starry night with star motifs from the Golden Christmas book, the favorite in my mom’s Christmas book collection. these tiny little dots were tricky! stamped in metallic gold on light blue.


not everything is productive

I feel like my blogging lately has become a laundry list of things I’ve done and things I still need to do. How about a little about not much. We’re having a beautiful Fall. It’s been in the 60s and 70s for weeks — crazy for Chicago. A little global-warming scary but such a lifesaver for the mom of a toddler. Daylight Savings Time however is just as always, depressing and hard to adjust to. I’m seeing wake up times … More

a little sweater

There is some manic crafting going on around here. I’ve overbooked myself and I think it is going to be all Christmas, all day, every day for 2 months around here. I’ve got in-progress projects on every surface in the house. Here’s one of them… I’m knitting little sweaters for the set of dolls I’ll be sending to Morphe. I figured out a pattern so now it’s just knitting them up. one down, three to go.

This has given me … More