not everything is productive

I feel like my blogging lately has become a laundry list of things I’ve done and things I still need to do. How about a little about not much. We’re having a beautiful Fall. It’s been in the 60s and 70s for weeks — crazy for Chicago. A little global-warming scary but such a lifesaver for the mom of a toddler. Daylight Savings Time however is just as always, depressing and hard to adjust to. I’m seeing wake up times in the 6’s again and the dark at 5 is such an adjustment.

We were afraid since we had such a hot long dry summer that we’d get a bum turning leaf season but it’s been great. Amazing colors and it seems much much longer than normal. Should be close to over soon. We had an overnight storm this week and now the village is blanketed in a thick layer of yellow and orange leaves. A delight for a leaf-kicking toddler!

Tim went out with the camera yesterday afternoon and came home with all sorts of beautiful shots like these. I love Fall photos.

Oscar and I have been having so much fun lately. We’ve been on lots of field trips, Museum of Science and Industry, the petting zoo, seen 2 model trains, the aquarium and the arboreteum. Of couse, it’s not all fish viewing and leaf kicking around  here… in the past week I’ve seen more tantrums than ever. Maybe the ‘terrible’ part of almost two kicking in? Maybe because his mother thinks she’s a gd elf in santa’s workshop and is always knitting or something while playing trains? or maybe it’s just because the Halloween chocolate has run out.

16 thoughts on “not everything is productive

  1. robin says:

    awesome! i love this side of you (too!) thanks for sharing. and nice picture, tim!
    you want that i should send you our left over halloween chocolate? we are immense snobs and so if the cocoa ratio isn’t in the upper 80%s we just can’t tolerate. tsk! tsk!
    elf –haha! that was one of my favorite games to play when i was a kid. and (since you’re into trains) my [elf] name was always ‘chessie’ -for the chessie system trainline. good times.

  2. melissa says:

    What a beautiful picture. Here in New Zealand, summer is on its way. I find the daylight savings adjustment is so hard on my toddler’s sleep routines, too! And he’s just over two, and the tantrums are in full swing! It’s hard when the sleep pattern isn’t so great. Good luck with finding time to craft!
    ps your patchwork set cards make me happy just looking at them!

  3. Blair says:

    I often feel the same way. Many a dirty dish I’ve pushed aside on the kitchen counter to stack up yet another project that I plan to get back to, promising myself I’ll get to both in a few mintues. But there’s nothing like being with your child (even a tantrum-y one) to get you out of the house and doing some fun things. I love the photo by the way. 🙂

  4. Anita says:

    I love leaf-kicking just like any good toddler! There’s just something about the way it sounds, the way it smells, and it just plain feels good on the soul. Thanks for the beautiful photo. 🙂

  5. pyglet says:

    I felt like running into that great pic and kicking up those leaves. Natural instinct I guess! We don’t get much autumn here. It’s one of the things I miss.

  6. kelli says:

    I hear you on the blogging about lists. I am starting to feel a bit panicked after reading everyone’s entries concerning Christmas preparations. AHH!

  7. hannah says:

    nice work tim. loving the fall pics! glad you didnt get shorted, we didnt either here in kc. check out my blog for a most excellent fall video that david made. thanks for the pause, i cant even begin to imagine how busy you must be!! good luck lady.

  8. stace says:

    I love the photo. Fall looks so pretty. We don’t have turning leaves here, but we do have our own beauty. I’d love to see Fall in person and feel the cold crisp air!

  9. Sasha says:

    gorgeous work. I really love your stamp sets and photos. As for the increase flared temper from your toddler, he’s just trying to figure out how to assert his indipendance and find where the bounderies are. My advice? Practice your monotonous tone because you’re going to be repeating things over and over and the best way to drill it in is in a monotonous voice. It’s a great trick. Good luck!

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