Jingle Wee Ornaments for sale

The jingle wee ornaments are done! Original hand stamped fabrics, embroidered faces, jingle bells on top and scented in festive holiday smells. Three styles to choose from:

"sledding party" stamped with skis, sleds, skates, mittens, hats and hot cocoa and they smell like chocolate

"sugarplums" stamped with gingerbread fellows, gumdrops and hard candies and smells like orange cinnamon

"starry night" stamped with all manner of dots and stars and smells like winter pine

They’re all for sale for $15 each at the Wee Wonderfuls store.

10 thoughts on “Jingle Wee Ornaments for sale

  1. Jane says:

    Oooh, trés Cyber Monday of you. Between you and all the links at Miss Doxie’s my poor Visa is begging for mercy!
    Mmmm winter pine-y.

  2. Blair says:

    Did you know that today is projected to be the biggest internet shopping day of the holiday season? Your timing is impecable. Thanks for helping flesh out the Christmas decor at my house, I just ordered some.

  3. Wendy says:

    My jingle wee arrived today safe and sound! He is unbelievably precious and smells so yummy. I have him hanging here by my desk…I don’t think he’ll make it to the tree 😉
    Thank you, Hillary!

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