I miss the leaves

It’s just been a week or so since they all blew away but I’m already feeling the sting. This unused photo from one of Suki’s photo shoots cheers me up a bit. She’s collecting leaves.

Thanks for all the super nice comments about the Snowbabies. And especially thanks for even thinking I could knit those tights! I still feel like I have unfinished business with these girls. I was literally snapping photos of them and them packing them up in the box for Australia. They need a photo shoot of their own. Show off all their skills at Winter sports. Maybe taking in some holiday splendor. I’m going to opt out of having them for sale at Morphe so they can come home to me and I can play with them a while longer.

And while I’m thanking I’ve really wanted to thank everyone who has bought Patchwork Set cards. Everyone is being so nice and cool and I am really really touched by the warm response. Thank you!!

So, ok, no more leaves but at least that means it’s ok now to be thinking Christmas. I had to dig through the ornament boxes to find that fake cotton snow stuff I used yesterday in the pics and now I’m really excited. Day after O’s birthday (actually Tim is vetoing this as I type – may be sooner) it’s hall decking time around here. A few people may have been pointing out how I went a little crazy last year. Well I say… crazy like a fox! Now that I have all those snowflakes cut out all I have to do is untangle and hang up right. Easy as pie. yeah, right. Maybe we’ll be a little less ambitious this year.

16 thoughts on “I miss the leaves

  1. Blair says:

    I think its awfully cute that you are ramped up for the holidays. Its a little contagious. And I think it would be hard for me to put all that work in those beautiful dolls, then as soon as they were done, send them packing. Its kind of nice that they’ll arrive back at your house soon.

  2. carly says:

    OH MY LAWD!!! the snowbabies are just perfect!!! you have been a busy girl..They are going to be snapped up in a second… Some sneaky customers of mine are already waiting with their red spot stickers!

  3. carly says:

    Oh I just re-read your post… there will be some serious tears and tantrums at the exhibition I am sure!! But I can completely see why you would like to hang out with those girls a little longer 😀

  4. JoAnn says:

    Oh, I’m so glad the snowbabies are coming back home. I was so sad to think they were being packed off so soon. You could have a winter-time exhibit with all your softies then I might get to see them in person.
    A calendar is a great idea; you already have enough softies with the snowbabies, the patchwork kids and your robots, and who knows what else you will think of.

  5. jenny says:

    there is something especially charming about the action shots – the photo of Suki made me laugh as the page was loading – and I LOVED the photo of Dagmar chasing the duck. awesome!

  6. Jane says:

    Ha, I totally saved all my snowflakes from last year after you inspired me to cut out about 50 of them. It took freaking for-EVER. Glad I saved them!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Please tell me you will sell these some day. I have a niece who plays with american girl dolls, but these are a gazillion times cooler! Are you accepting orders?

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