The decking of the halls has begun and once again I’m suffering from
a Christmas identity crisis. I’m torn between my two christmas selves – the
clean, simple, modern, scandinavian, folky christmas and the glittery,
vintage, bottle brush, shiny brite, powderpuff christmas. Tim has put
in a request for more glitter and sparkle this year so I think that
side may win out. Last year was lacking with our fabric garland, no ornaments and
not enough lights on the tree so this year everything is getting a
dusting of glitter. I went to Michaels yesterday and bought up all the
sparkle, glitter and flocking I could find.

I’ve already started up with the glitter glue. I popped popcorn to
string for the kitchen tree and then started bedazzled batches of it
in glitter glue. I didn’t get too far before I realized I wasn’t really
feeling it. It looks cool but I want to come up with something more fun
for the kitchen tree garland.

I stocked up on these odd but extremely appealing glittery plastic stems.

and on the flip side (no glitter): another Michaels find… birch trees!

and a little more folky, the ski lift has been installed in the bedroom

now to hang streamers and balloons. a little bit of christmas then a little bit of birthday.

update on for sale stuff: ornaments and cards are up in the store, I
was promising patchwork robots but I think I’ll cut myself a break by
taking those out of the picture. The patchwork set dolls and their quilts
will be up for sale later this wee

19 thoughts on “glitter

  1. jordana says:

    where is michaels? my best friend, who is enamored of white birch trees and dioramas/terrariums/small worlds _needs_ these for his apartment!
    your decor is really great!

  2. Rhiannon says:

    I love your style. Though it’s not exactly the same as my own retro style, I can appreciate all the effort.
    This year I’m doing a candy theme tree on a feather tree. Im going to be decorating with lots of red & white crepe paper. Do you have a LJ account? You can see there if you are interested.

  3. Mary says:

    One year I painted some dried bean pods with some super sparkly white nail polish. It worked really nicely because it had a great sparkle and at the same time was glossy and sealed the pods.
    I bet you could use this to sparkle up all kinds of different things – and think about the color options that are available!

  4. Anke says:

    I can relate what you are going through…the xmas decorations I collected over the years have the same color scheme, but no theme. Maybe I should go back to the xmas deco of my childhood where nothing ever matched but was pretty anyway.
    That ski lift is absolutely fantastic!
    (We have the same sheets too…but in green 🙂 )

  5. hannah says:

    what about glittery cranberries? or something orb-like. the nail polish idea sounds pretty cool. love the birch trees. is oscar excited about his birthday? i think they get the hang of it by two.

  6. ivyblogs says:

    I love that fabric under the ski lift!
    In addition to the great colors, art and fabric, your home always looks so clean and clutter free. How does a crafting and collecting sort of person manage that?

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