gearing up

Just two days away from Thanksgiving being over and Christmas officially beginning in our house. Already Christmas bells are ringing…in my head. in a manic ding! don’t forget this! … ding! who’s going to do that?… ding! what about those? sort of way. I’m a few online orders away from being a much calmer person. It’s so hard with Oscar’s birthday right before Christmas. I feel like I’m just doing everything half assed. The most I’ve done for Oscar’s birthday, which is only a week away, is buy paper plates. Oh well, I’m thinking keep it low-key as long as I can get away with it. Doesn’t take much to make a 2 year old’s day. As it is I think our goals will be met — by December 26th every single toddler toy every made should be living in our house. On a more chipper, less buy-it-all, Christmas note I’ve already started decorating. Like Amy (so pretty!), I’ve dug out the glittery fake snow and am setting up scenes. What I’m really excited about this year is my new kitchen Christmas tree. Yes, I realize I’m taking a step down the slippery slope that leads to a house full of theme trees. I am a few short years away from being featured on Extreme Homes the Christmas edition (oops link fixed) and when they ask what started it all, I can point blame at these extremely painfully cute kitchen ornaments by Midwest of Canon Falls.





Really I had no choice.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I’ll be working on wee ornaments between courses so hopefully they’ll be up for sale next week. Also in time for Christmas present buying, patchwork robots and the Patchwork Set dolls and quilts will be for sale in the wee wonderfuls shop!

gobble gobble

13 thoughts on “gearing up

  1. elizabeth says:

    ooooh, those ornaments are gorgeous!!! i may have to pick up some of my own and have a mini kitchen tree. the hubby is going to love that…lol.
    hope you and yours have a happy thanksgiving!

  2. Blair says:

    I can’t resist Christmas ornaments, those are awfully cute. I’m making room for wees on my tree, though. We seem to be adding a tree each year around here. The kids each have a small one in their room, there’s one in the family room, one in the living room. Hmmmm…I hadn’t thought of the kitchen. ‘Till now : ) Happy Thanksgiving Hillary!

  3. sarah n. says:

    ugh!! for the past couple of days i’ve been debating a kitchen tree after seeing one in country living (i think) and this link must have every single blasted cute ornament just like the one in the magazine–i’m not sure i can resist this!!

  4. amy k. says:

    oh-I just got some kitchen ornaments (from the same group but with some extra ones I didn’t see in your link) will show quite soon-are we sharing the same brain?? hope turkey day was good!

  5. Siri says:

    I hear you about trying to pull off a December birthday amidst the holiday frenzy, but rest assured, you’re ahead of the game. I don’t even have the paper plates yet for E’s 3rd birthday the week after next.

  6. Jiru says:

    5 days and no post? The anticipation is killing me! Can’t wait to see what you’ve done decorating-wise. Your posts are always inspiring, and I’m in dire need!
    Hope all is well.

  7. Laura says:

    Oscar’s birthday is near Christmas? I know it must add to the mania, but I’ve got you beat (what a terrible statement). My daughter was born 13 years ago on Christmas morning. I always say it was the worst Christmas ever. We already had a 14mo son, moved into a new house THE DAY BEFORE, and here she was born on Christmas morning. No rest for the weary. And poor little girl – as hard as I try, I don’t think she ever feels like she’s had a proper birthday. I’m looking forward to seeing everything you’re planning to show us about Oscar’s birthday bash this year. 🙂

  8. Connie Smith says:

    Where can I buy the Kitchen Ornaments? I have bought a tree for the kitchen and want to use the appropriate ornaments. Connie

  9. diane says:

    Hi, i have done a kitchen tree with miniature pieces from canon falls. I havent seen these cute stoves so they are probably not available anymore. If you know where I can get some of the ones that arent for sale anymore could you let me know. thanks Diane

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