delusions of grandeur

Well, we’ve sent the Christmasbot cards off to the printer! They’ll be available (if all goes well) for sale  the day after Thanksgiving. I’m really excited about them, 5 x 7 postcards on recycled cardstock with "re-entry red" envelopes. This will be a much shorter run than the Patchwork Set cards. We’re crazy but not that crazy. Actually what makes us order cards to sell right after we’ve put up cards for sale the week before? I think it’s the lure of the assundries. We get all geeked out by plastic sleeves and mailers and labels. Just another excuse to go to the office supply warehouse. woo! Or maybe it’s just more of the premature Christmas mania!

Here’s a sneak peek at the back…

10 thoughts on “delusions of grandeur

  1. Kate Remen-Wait says:

    Oh so glad that your robot cards can be a part of our Christmas! This is turning into a robot-themed Christmas for my robot-obsessed 2 and a half year old: I’m almost done with my first Jess Hutch knitted robot, I am appliqueing a robot (rollerskating and holding a popsicle) on my daughter’s stocking, and I made her a set of those melamine-make-it plates/bowls with drawings of robots on them. The trouble will be deciding who on our card-list is robot-worthy!

  2. Julia says:

    Yay! Unique Christmas cards that aren’t yawn-y. Not that I haven’t used yawn-y cristmas cards or have anything against them necessarily…it’s the thought that counts. ; )

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