33 thoughts on “christmasbot

  1. elizabeth says:

    this is too cute! i’m curious too as to what you are going to do with it.
    also, wanted to let you know that i got the postcards in the mail yesterday and i am in luv. i hate to use em 🙂

  2. robin says:

    you know you’re a crafty rock star when minions like myself fall asleep at 3 am thinking: i bet that hillary can survive on no sleep! she’ll probably get all her christmas gifts made too! [insert: expletive…. affectionate slur] well, if i had been secretly creating an army of christmasbots to do all my work for me, maybe i’d play the rock star too. ad libbing my blog all the way through new years.
    you’re fabulous. as always!

  3. hannah says:

    so frickin’ awesome… so how much of it is tim’s willingness? do you have to poke and prod him? i do if i want some cool video or sound bite from david. lucky!

  4. hillary says:

    I just plant the seed of an idea and away he goes!
    time management – ha! panicked working way too late into the night is more like it. and then there’s the oscar naps. a big 2 hour stretch in the middle of the day to go edward scissorhands like crazy on whatever scheme I’ve gotten myself into.
    speaking of tim getting carried away… I think these christmasbots just may be christmas cards for sale on the site soon. have to sit down with the calendar and see if it is feasible.

  5. larissa says:

    Great card! I love the idea of making something, then photographing it as a second layer of the art process. What printer do you use? A local in-person one, or someone online?
    Bakes, Mulls, Ices & Roasts is wonderful.

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