chip chip

I’ve been chipping away at a tedious list today (call about car insurance, figure out health insurance bills, call amvets, you get the idea) and really all I want to do is play with clay…

moon clock

and set up christmas stuff. I have lots of things to show and tell and chit chat about but it’s 4:30 and dark, I forgot to take any pics and my tedious list is calling. tomorrow hopefully…

9 thoughts on “chip chip

  1. Lyn says:

    I have a tendency to brush ‘tedious lists’ under the carpet. It has been the undo-ing of me on many an occasion.
    Give yourself a nice reward for being a good girl. : )

  2. Blair says:

    I really hate days like that, which usually happen when I cannot stand the amount of post-it notes around the phone any longer. It does feel nice to check off a list though. I have dreams about completely checked off to-do lists.
    Your Christmas cards are absolutely amazing, by the way. Hey, are you going to sell any wee ornaments, or did they all go to Morphe?

  3. Dana says:

    Just keep “chipping” you will get it all done. As the first person said, I have been in trouble many times for sweeping those tasks under the rug. I love the Christmas cards, I just received my patchwork postcard set and was thrilled when I opened it becuase, I thought I would only get one of each and I really got 3 of each!!!!!!! I was just to excited about them and didn’t read the description I guess.

  4. Heels says:

    Question for you: I bought some ez carve block stuff from Dick Blick and I am going to stamp some onesies for my son and tee shirts for my daughter. What ink pads do you suggest for fabric?

  5. hanne says:

    I see you recommend some children’s books here at your blog, so I just wanted to recommend this b e a u t i f u l book: the red tree, by shaun tan

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