a little sweater

There is some manic crafting going on around here. I’ve overbooked myself and I think it is going to be all Christmas, all day, every day for 2 months around here. I’ve got in-progress projects on every surface in the house. Here’s one of them… I’m knitting little sweaters for the set of dolls I’ll be sending to Morphe. I figured out a pattern so now it’s just knitting them up. one down, three to go.

This has given me a little boost of confidence in my latent knitting skills and I’m thinking maybe I will tackle this Christmas idea for Oscar after all.

I want to knit a little sweater for his Kanga with a pocket to put a tiny roo in (for some reason his Kanga came roo-less). The idea cards are from the truly brilliant brain of Small Object Sarah. I have them taped up all around my craft room and they’re really helping me get organized. For example, I made these, and this, and these (here). Thank you Sarah for making my to-do list fun again!

11 thoughts on “a little sweater

  1. Blair says:

    I love the sweater!! Also love knowing that my crafty blogging friends are buzzing away till Christmas just like me. We should have a big ol’ cyber cookie exchange to celebrate when its all done- posting pictures of cookies I bake I’m sure would look better than the actual product. 🙂

  2. Bunny says:

    cute sweater! I like the idea card idea too. I used to have a notebook for ideas!? maybe when I finish reorganizing my crafting room I will find it.

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