Thanks everybody for all the excellent suggestions! I’m totally psyched. I have a working list. Such a relief just to have that much done. I think we’re going to skip the train table, at least for this year, and focus instead on just the train stuff. That’s enough to break the bank right there. I agree that less is definitely more when it comes to toys but I’m really looking forward to getting some new activities around here. Plus we need to get toys for Grandma & Grandpa’s as well as here. That’s a good justification for my too-long list. I’d like to get a play kitchen set, some more instruments, some more blocks and some of these things…






All this talk of Oscar and his play habits had me wondering… Oscar’s Kanga has been promoted from lovey security object to closest pal and companion. He takes her everywhere, points cars to her out the window, feeds her breakfast, reads her books and there’s a lot of "Kanga do it" "Thank you Kanga" when it’s clean up time. So I was thinking maybe the indifference to dolls had changed. I asked him do you want a doll to play trains with and he answered enthusiastically Yes! So I ran into the craftroom and grabbed the kitty doll Rosa sent us. I had to come up with a name quick so she’s "Rosa". Ingenius. She started pushing engines with Oscar right away and now it’s Kanga-Rosa everything. She even had to come to the Target with us.  Where, uh, we might have bought yet another Hot Wheels car. Well at least he’s balanced.

15 thoughts on “toys!

  1. carol says:

    Oscar is too cute. I actually was going to mention an easel, but thought you my already have one. I bought one for Simon (my 4 year old) at Target- wooden, decent construction…$20-25. So what if you leave it out in the rain by mistake!
    All my kids have enjoyed easels- you can’t go wrong. You also have a reason to have him wear your great apron you made him.
    Have fun planning!

  2. jenny vorwaller says:

    i’ve had those wooden fruit and veg set since my max was a baby–he’s almost four and still loves them! next to his softies, they are some of the longest lasting toys and so classic.
    also-you can make those lace-up cards with yarn and that flat craft foam paper (what is that called?) just cut out a shape and use a hole puncher along the edges-and let him sew like you!

  3. Susan says:

    Be prepared for the possiblity that Oscar may all of a sudden toss Kanga-Rose aside. My little guy (when he was Oscar’s age) used to take around a stuffed Big Bird – I mean, that bird went everywhere with us – stores, bed, car, bath (had to sit on the toilet and wait) Then one day Big Bird got tossed in a corner and forgotten. So sad.

  4. Heidi says:

    My all time favorite toys for my children are varied size/colored wooden blocks, duplo/lego,little people, playdoh,wooden trains (they carry a cheaper set at Ross if you have one near and they are comparable quality to thomas train set and the thomas trains can go on it) My advice is to buy the cheaper track set and a few of the nice thomas trains…

  5. hannah says:

    gosh hillary. oscar is so cute. i mean really. i cant believe he is going to be two! all the toys you posted are great, one suggestion that you might already have is lego dupelo blocks. eliot got a set for his first birthday and didnt really play with them until he was two, and they still get plenty of use two years later.

  6. Robin says:

    Hillary – I love your weblog. I have been hooked on it for the last month.
    One of my daughter’s favorite things was the chair-style rocking horse which they have in the Magic Cabin catalogue. It is available other places as well, but I have seen it most recently in Magic Cabin. The horse is a nice small size and something about the seat back is very comforting. She is almost 6 now and would still be rocking in it if she could still fit!

  7. tanya says:

    Ikea has a wonderful train set for around 14.00 and an add on kit for 10.00. So cute and wooden…much luck with your gift buying…the lace up cards are my kids favy…

  8. Ella says:

    WOW! i’m overwhelmed. i don’t even now how i found myself here but what beautiful and inspiring toys…..makes me feel that all my collecting of fabrics, papers etc….will one day be used to create something equally stunning.

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