Tie One On – Mixed Media Apron

I made my little cooky an apron for holiday baking. I’m expecting a lot of help in the kitchen this Christmas! I grabbed some images from my favorite cooky book and cut them out of mastercarve blocks to make the stamps. Oscar was persuaded to wear the apron for a while only because it had a wooden spoon in the pocket. Then we embarked on our first baking adventure together…out of the box brownies. That’s about our speed around here. As soon as the pan went into the oven Oscar was "all done" and I was told to "take it off".

27 thoughts on “Tie One On – Mixed Media Apron

  1. amy k. says:

    cute cooky!!! and aren’t you a genius for carving backwards!! I bet I would have forgotten to do that-for sure. talk about swearing. very very cute boy there-and i firmly believe brownies out the box are better than homemade ones. just one of those thing.

  2. rebecca says:

    Wow! Flashback to my childhood — my mom has that exact cooky book. I remember I loved looking through the pages. Maybe I’ll try to snag it next time I visit her. hahaha Cute apron, too!

  3. Kitty Jimjams says:

    Oh, I love it. I’m with nneedles, do you need special ink or something fancy? I’m guessing fancy if it’s going to stand up to apron-washing… It looks like such a fun way to personalise things, and I love your choice of motifs.

  4. hannah says:

    oh the apron is wonderful, and such a cute model as well. im currently stuck in the blue/brown color scheme, cant break free. your carving skills are amazing, i totally would have not reversed it as well. stayzon ink is good for fabric, but it is super toxic and yucky. let us know how the colorbox stands up. i wonder if you could slather your stamps with gocco fabric ink? hmmm…

  5. mrspilkington says:

    wow, your carving is going so well! adorable apron, he looks so sweet.
    that cookbook is one of my favourites too. my daughter will be 2 on Dec. 26th, and i’ve got high hopes for some kitchen fun — getting all of my “kid-oriented” cookbooks and kitchen craft books lined up!:)

  6. robin says:

    oscar is getting so big! cooking with my children is one of my favorite things. and it pays off –my ten year old is very self-sufficient in the kitchen.
    your carvings came out well. isn’t carving the funnest?

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