Hope everyone had a fun Halloween! Oscar had a great time. New phrases to add to his ever growing vocabulary — "trick or treatin", "candy bar", "open it", "wrapper off", "ding-dong", "bye bye kids" and of course "chocolate!" I knew the costume had to incorporate the great hat Amy sent us so it we came up with crayon. Turned out to be a great costume. Oscar is obsessed with coloring so he was very pleased to be a crayon. It was pretty easy to make and nice and warm (that fleece is good for something) so he was happy to wear it, especially when he figured out that meant people would give him candy!

22 thoughts on “sepia

  1. Lucy says:

    oh my GOSH so cute so cute! I am sad that halloween doesn’t really get celebrated in Australia… I grew up in London where we did go trick or treating… but the halloween costumes always had to be scary – ghosts and witches etc… It seems much more fun to be a crayon if you want to! That costume is AMAZING! Well done! Crayola should be paying you for the product placement… send in the pic to them and maybe at the very least they’ll send you some free crayons! x

  2. Heatherica says:

    Oh, how cute!!! That is a great costume 🙂 haha, “open it” and “wrapper off” made me laugh. My little one (well, he just turned 4, but he is still my little one!) was Mario and he kept saying “mumbo mia!” all night! (he meant “mama mia!”)

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