What an exhausting weekend. It was worth it though because the Patchwork Set cards went off to the printer this morning!!! I’m so so excited (and terrified). I can’t wait to get them back and see them live and in person. It was a tricky weekend. We had sun on Friday and then mostly cloudy and drizzling all day Saturday and Sunday. Tim and I really had to work to get good light on our indoor shots and had to be ready to go at a moment’s notice at any peek of the sun. Friday my sister Katie was a huge help. She came over and watched Oscar all day. I was able to not only finish up Inez but also get out into the sun for a photo shoot. She’s a lifesaver! The other challenge was that I really only had vague ideas of what our set-ups were going to be. Tim and I were coming up with ideas on the fly, making props, changing our mind all over the place. Suki, of course, proved to be the most trouble with 3 different set-ups. But I think her final one turned out to be the most clever of the group. Overall I’m really happy with how they turned out. So very soon (hopefully) the Patchwork Set cards will be available for sale.

Saint Katie.

Lotte on location.

19 thoughts on “phew

  1. Blair says:

    I love this whole concept and can’t wait to see/buy the cards. I love the expressions on the dolls’ faces, I kept picturing them in my mind over the weekend.

  2. Aunt Katie says:

    Look at me – I’m famous! Or was that Gwynneth and Baby Apple – people get us confused all the time…
    Can’t wait to see the finished product.

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