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UPDATE: she’s a little bit revised. I had to cut her bangs free and add some bows. But now she’s done. for good.

Here’s the gal that has been giving me all the trouble. Don’t Martha and Bill say something about difficult, oh sorry, "high-need" babies turning out to have fantastic personalities? That’s how I’m feeling about Suki here. After sewing her up all wrong, unstuffing, resewing, changing her apron two or three times I’m so happy to have her finished and I’m really pleased with how she turned out. I’m glad I went to all the extra effort to get her right. And the quilt. Good grief. I kept sewing the pieces on wrong, or slicing through pieces that were laying underneath the fabric I was cutting, and then sewing those pieces on instead of throwing them away. Not to mention the staining and burning. But now it’s all done and again, I’m pleased as punch. I never know exactly what I’m going to do when I start a doll. Sort of the whole "if you know where it’s going it’s not worth it" thing. And I always always screw something up so it’s not that unusual for the road to a finished doll to be long and winding but this project has definitely taught me a few things I’m going to keep in mind for the next 2 dolls. Maybe some more planning, perhaps use fabrics that I have more than just a tiny piece of, keep my work table clean, organized and drink free, and maybe squeeze in some more sleep!

Used the same idea as my coin quilt with strip-pieced stripes as the patterned squares.

Dotty kitty fabric from Jen as the quilt backing. I went with dark blue hair to match her eyes. I was going to do buns again but the apron is already Jedi looking enough without throwing in Princess Leia hair. And, um, by the way…what happened to that crafting jedi force I was supposed to have?! jinxed.

Acorn shoes

26 thoughts on “latest member of The Patchwork Set

  1. Jane says:

    Acorn shoes. ACORN SHOES!!
    I’m the exact same way in my workspace. I don’t think I’ve done a single project where I haven’t used a piece of glass wrong-side up, or put an entire panel of a lamp on upside down. Or I’ll try to get away with using a particular glass on a project that I only have just enough of – then I fuck it up when cutting it and I’m screwed. At least that’s when we get to get inventive, right?

  2. Julia says:

    I have to agree with Marie, the blue hair is my favorite part. It’s a great shade of blue, too, not too smurfy or cartoony. The color pallette you’re using is just fab. Clean, earthy-modern.

  3. Lisa says:

    another magical set. you have such an eye for color and pattern and detail. i love the little quilt…and suki–the whole thing is wonderful. glad you didn’t throw in the towel.

  4. amy k. says:

    I love her stripes and acorn shoes (well, I love everything about her of course)she lives in the woods, huh?and I like the bangs both ways, but I know she’s so happy to have ribbons added. beautiful set.

  5. Monica says:

    I love your dolls! she is so cute. I enjoy reading your blog. It is the highlight of may day lately (sad i know, but 5 children later what can you do?)

  6. jen says:

    i would say the force is still with you. faced with so many obstacles you have nonetheless triumphed – and how. i agree with ellie – i want those shoes!

  7. debra says:

    Oh, yeah, so worth all of the extra trouble. She is gorgeous!! Love her outfit & hair–perfect! Oh, and it is good to hear that someone else doesn’t always get things right the first time around, and that these beauties don’t spring perfectly formed right out of your head–it makes the rest of us feel a little better! 😉

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